Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Miss A's 1 year session: Waveland

As you can see (and more to come) Waveland is a popular place for me.  Well, I should say it is very ideal for young children.  You can get a lot of bang for your buck...well...uh...I mean it is a small location with many areas for different backdrops.  There's the garden, red barn, open field, cabin, fencing, pond....you get the point right?  You have all these options with literally just steps between them.  So this is why I suggest Waveland for younger kids.  Not to mention there is a playground awaiting them after our session!  :)

Miss A is only a few days younger than my son.  Miss A's mom is the academic coach at my former school.  It was really neat to go through our pregnancies together; Miss A her 2nd, my son our first.  Having experienced motherhood before me, she suspected we were expecting before I told anyone at work.  I guess my extreme fatigue was a dead giveaway. 

Anyway, here are her pictures...done in two separate sessions.  Someone wasn't so happy the first time around.  In fact, she was so upset she wanted nothing to do with her cupcake...so big sis took care of it. :) 

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