Friday, March 23, 2012

Babies: 6 months

As most of you probably know I've been on maternity leave...well, not an official leave, but not scheduling sessions other than the families who had purchased a Baby's First Year Package.  So for their 3 month sessions I awkwardly positioned my behemoth of a belly on the ground or floor to snap images of them holding up their heads and for their 6 month sessions I had some 'cushion' where that belly used to be...along with some bags under my eyes to show for the mid-night feedings.  But now I'm getting back into the swing of things.  I waited until I had all three 6 month sessions complete before making the post...trying to be time efficient with our almost-two-year-old and two month old...some of you mamas and caretakers can relate, I'm sure.  ;) 

Miss B was first up for her photo session.  Chilly weather kept us in doors, but we still snagged a few adorable pics in her tutu in time for Valentine's Day!

Miss K 'rolled' in just for all the spring-time temps.  Never in March had I photographed a child almost naked!  We were lucky with the weather.  I also had a chance to borrow a wash tub and show off one of my new flowered creations.  Take a peek...
{the 'roll' was intended...but the shots I have don't show 'em off...always so sweet on lil babes!}

And finally Master T got the sweet end of the deal with even warmer temps...daffodils were in bloom!  You can see 'em in the background of his basket pose.

Wanted: Caption

Will giveaway crocheted goodies for caption!

Think of your best caption for this photo to enter to win $15 worth of crocheted goods (pre-made or custom order).

I snapped this quick pic of Isaac while attempting to photograph his lil sis in one of my fav outfits.  How many parents can relate to wanting to document your kiddos fav outfits?!  Sorry for the blurriness - 2 year olds are always on the move and it was a fleeting moment! 

Anyhoo - here are the rules...
1.  You have until MONDAY, MARCH 26TH 12 (noon) est to enter your caption.  Winner will be announced sometime Monday on the blog.  Winner then has until Friday, March 30th to claim his/her prize.
2.  One entry per person for this giveaway.
3.  Winner will be chosen via
4.  I have the right to delete or not publish a post comment based on content I may find offense, vulgar, or unfitting.  Keep it clean!
5.  I will ship to anywhere in the contiguous US - any place else and the winner pays for shipping.
6.  Giveaway sponsored by Amanda Mitchell Photography, LLC.
7.  If winner's choice of product(s) exceeds $15, the winner pays the difference plus 6% KY sales tax if applicable.
8.  It is almost 5am and I've been awake since 2am, so if I forgot something I can change the rules....ok this is more of a 'my brain isn't thinking very clearly, but this is the only time I have to make that post - fingers crossed I didn't forget anything and nobody will sue me' rule.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

No foolin' around...April Mini Sessions!


{April Mini Sessions}

When & Where
Sunday, April 1, 2012 (weather make up Sunday, April 15) @ Waveland

 $50 for 30 minute session fee.  $50 for disc with hi-res images and printing rights.  Purchase of disc includes $15 print credit - take advantage of your credits by ordering before your ordering window other words the print credit expires.  Total Package Cost: $103 (including KY state tax)

Spring has sprung and let's face it...we're all ready to bring the pastels and floral prints!  Join us a State Historic Site, Waveland (Lexington, KY) where you can meander through the charming garden complete with wrought iron gate or kick back and relax on the covered porch!  Be creative with your props - a few fresh blooms in hand, bright balloons, or show off the kids' Easter outfits!  Didn't get your student's senior portraits accomplished in the fall?!  Now is the perfect isn't too late! 
$50 nonrefundable deposit required.  $50 payment for disc is required before disc is mailed to customer.  More information available in contract.  Contact amanda.mitchell08 (at) yahoo (dot) com for more information or to claim your time slot!

Friday, March 9, 2012

We are Family

Headed over to my SILs for a product shoot (aka: mini session of the kids) are the results. 
PS  make sure to scroll to the bottom to see the out takes!  :)

Baby girl not so much into smiling when we took the pic.  Now we get non-stop giggles and coos!

What about my son?  This is the only shot I got of him staying still the ENTIRE day...we will have round 2 of his 2 year old pics soon.  :)
And now for the bloopers!

He's so animated! Wouldn't you agree?!

Friday, March 2, 2012

A New Direction {temporarily}

Life has definitely changed in the past 2 months.  It has s-l-o-w-e-d down...  Two kiddos at home under the age of two...not a whole lot gets accomplished. I can pretty much keep up with the laundry

(it gets done when once my son is out of clean socks or 'play clothes')

and the kitchen

(for real...I almost wonder what's the point in keeping the kitchen dirties and messes up in a matter of minutes!) 

As for many stay-at-home and work-at-home mothers of young children find themselves running their tongue over their teeth mid day and feeling the fuzz while thinking,

 "ohmygoodness...I think I forgot to brush my teeth this morning!"
 "when was the last day I took a shower?!"

  Yeahhhh...that's my life.  Balance the checkbook?  Oh yeah, it gets done AFTER the second bank statement comes and I realize I didn't balance it LAST month... 

But Isaac is learning how to count, the name of shapes, and building quite an imagination (yes, he picks up a cracker and proudly proclaims 'dopter' {aka: helicopter} and proceeds to 'shwa shwa shwa' as he flies it overhead).  Lauren giggles and coos and can prop herself up on her elbows now....where is the time going?!

Did I mention photography in the previous paragraph?  No.  Not unless it is snapshots of the kids sleeping, playing, reading books, or smearing mustard over faces and tables. 

So I must say I'm not booking individual sessions currently.  However, to keep some of the bills paid around here and to keep from getting rusty with the photog skills, I will be offering ONE day of mini sessions EACH month.  Mini sessions will most likely be held on a Sunday with a following Sunday as a back up date. 

Being home with an-almost-2 year-old and two month old and a husband who works full time, my time is focused (pun intended!) on my family.  At first I felt let down.  This past year I built the business to where I wanted it.  I had (still have, I hope) the client base and was able to pay myself for the first time in 3 years and therefore feel like I was contributing to the household finances.  However...the kids will grow (too fast) and enter school (eek!), therefore leaving me more time for photography.  So, until that day comes, please understand why I have such limited availability.  I'm deciding to put my family first - just as Nate and I had decided before our oldest child was born. 

However, to help keep the business afloat (there are still bills to be the business license each year) I'm turning to my trusty crochet hook and yarn!  I learned to crochet in college and have loved it since then!  Crocheting can be done on my time (photography = my schedule + husband's schedule to keep kids + client's schedule) and therefore easier on the family.  I've cranked out a few items for the spring - so please share and feel free to contact me if you wish to order or purchase.  Some items are premade and some are custom orders.  I do accept credit/debit/paypal through paypal's service.  I'm starting to complete a separate page to advertise all 'the goods.'  Check out Props Shop frequently to see what's new and available. 

PS I'd like lovely models.  We had a blast during my 'product shoot' last Sunday.  The weather was perfect and I got the itch to get out and start shooting again!  I definitely have missed photographing some of my favorite people in the last 3 months!