Tuesday, April 19, 2011

M Family: Waveland

The M family are near and dear to us.  Mrs. M & I both taught together my first year (her 2nd...she came from Utah).  And almost 5 years later we are still close family friends...close enough they are our son's godparents.  :) 

Our session is maybe what you could call a little less than ideal.  It started even before I left the house.  My husband called and said he couldn't break away from work in time to be home to keep our son.  He's currently in a technical position with state's largest project: the new human resources database (KHRIS).  Slight panic set in...I have to take our 1 year son with me?!  I figured he should do just fine in the stroller with a few toys.  Our boy is awesome when he's outside...he could care less about anything else. 

The M family rolled up with little man B a little out of character.  You'll see in one of the pictures :)  And to top it off...gloomy clouds were lingering dangerously close.

We squeezed off a few wholesome family shots and then pretty much let little man B do his own thing with mom, dad, and me (and my son) in tow.  We got a good solid 45 minutes until we felt the rain drops.  Luckily we wrapped it up just in time before the heavens opened up on us.  But to top off the night, we made a trip to Chick-fil-a.  And what about my kid?  I couldn't have asked for anything more out of him.  He didn't stay in his stroller, but happily explored through the grass behind me while I worked away. 

I don't usually add 'bloopers,' but how could I resist THIS one?!

Who's that kid?!  ;)

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