Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dads & Daughters Dance 2014 :: Pax Christi Catholic Church

Let's give these Dads and their Daughters (sans the last couple, I'm just partial since we're related) a high five for their time devoted making a memorable night to those all those who attended.  To see the pictures from the rest of the evening, find the link at the bottom of this post.  Just click and enter the password given out at the dance. A few shout outs to the following groups and individuals...

*Leo Brown from Real Life Radio for being Master of Ceremonies for the Evening.
*Knights of Columbus for providing valet parking,
*Parishioners and Volunteers from Pax Christi Catholic Church who helped with check in and kept the food tables and cups filled.

Click here to see the rest of the families and pictures from the evening.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Baby G...just in time!

Baby G made his arrival just in time to spend Christmas and New Year with the family!  What an awesome early Christmas present!  Hey, some of you parents know exactly what I mean!  ;) 

I had the pleasure of photographing Baby G's aunt's wedding a few years back and was quite honored when they asked me to do his newborn pictures!  We can also make the world a bit smaller...during that wedding I found out Baby G's grandmother was my FIFTH GRADE TEACHER!  Hats off to Mrs. W  and the D family to arrival of your new grandson! 

Baby G seriously must have been one of the best newborns for me to photograph.  This boy didn't sleep, but he sure was content!  I'm pretty sure he crashed for a long snooze after I was done with him. 

Here he is...

Welcome Baby A!

You know that friend that moved away and you haven't talked to in a while, but you can still call or text and you pick up right where you left of?  That's what Baby A's mom is to me.  Her with three kids at home and me with my two, we commiserate, complain, swap parenting tactics, stories and uplift each other during the hard times.  You know the 'hard' times.  When the preschooler doesn't want to nap anymore and has 'painted' the walls with his diaper contents while the toddler has a cold that makes his little nose resemble Niagra Falls and the baby just wants to nurse every 20 minutes  And maybe, just MAYBE take a shower.  Oh also forgot to brush your teeth this morning.  Yeahhhhh....'those' times....

Here's to baby A!  We will come see you and your brothers in the spring time for a play date!