Monday, May 27, 2013

The H Family :: BIG News!

The H family are near and dear to my heart!  Mrs. H was my maid of honor and we still keep in almost daily contact about the ups and downs of raising two kids in close age.  Potty training and tantrums seem to be the topic of convo lately...can anyone else relate?!  Not to mention her 2nd son and my daughter are a week apart in age!  I was flipping though the pictures and thought to myself, 'Hmm, I wonder why I didn't do baby C's newborn pictures....OH YEAH....I had a newborn of my own!!'  However, hopefully with their big announcement (you'll see!) I can put more of my photog skillz to use in the future.  ;) 


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

April Mini Sessions :: UK Arboretum

Based on the delay, you can tell my schedule has been pretty busy this spring.  Fortunately I've only had to reschedule ONE session due to weather....and it turned out we probably couldn't gone on as normally scheduled.  

I kicked off this spring at the Arboretum and we caught the daffodils just in time!  First up is a lil 6 month old who may have the sweetest grin I've captured!  This session just also goes to show how small my world is getting...his mama and I went to high school together!!  'Mayberry' as my husband would say!  Take a peek and comment below if you'd like.  Scroll down just a bit further for the next family of the evening. 

Quite a pair these two lil ladies are, I must say!  Just nearly 1.5 years apart in age I've been able to watch this pair grow up!  I actually did lil sis' 1st year package.  I see them more often now that we practically live down the street from the C Family. 

One thing I've learned from being a parent is to roll with the punches.  More often we probably find those 'perfect' images on Pinterest and pin them to our boards in hopes of one day capturing a similar moment.  How often do they turn out just like that pinned pic?  Wellll...let's just say if you need a paci to keep one tot happy during the session, it just documents the phase of life you're in.  It sure doesn't mean epic failure of family photo night!  Just smile and nod because one day they won't need the paci and they'll need mama and dada less...and you'll want to hang onto those memories forever.  So for those perfectionist and future mamas out there...silly faces, frowns and pacis are acceptable in my book.  :)  Enjoy!  Don't be afraid to comment and leave some love for all of us!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

'Back to School' Model Search

I just recently purchased an antique school desk resembling the one pictured above.  I need a few good pictures to help advertise for my 'Back to School' sessions in the fall.
I'm searching for the following age groups:
-primary elementary
-intermediate elementary
-middle school
-high school
Wednesday, May 29th (weather make up date May 30th)
Ashland, The Henry Clay Estate
120 Sycamore Rd
Lexington, KY
The sessions in the fall will retail for $30* and include the following:
-up to 15 minute session
(1) 8x10
(2) 5x7
(2) 4x6
16 wallets
*option to purchase the digital file for additional $15
However, selected models receive the package for 50% off! 
That means you get all of the professional prints for $15*!
*taxes excluded
Simply send me an email at amitchellphotography {at} yahoo {dot} com to let me know the gender and age of your child(ren) who might be interested in this session.  I will select those children based on the numbers of boys and girls who are interested.  First come, first served does not guarantee a session. 
note: due to the promotional offer of this session, arrangements for print drop-offs or pick-ups will be made.  There will be a minimum fee of $5 if prints are to be mailed. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Julie & Greg :: Engagement

Julie probably received one of the best Christmas presents a woman could get, a diamond ring from Greg to show his commitment and love.  Julie didn't waste any time finding a photographer!  It was shortly after the New Year when she first contacted me!  And they sure aren't wasting any time as an engaged couple!  A summer wedding is planned and I couldn't be more honored to document their special day! 
Julie works at the elementary school where I might as well be titled the 'unofficial' school photographer.  Not for the kiddos, but LOTS and LOTS of teachers from this school have trusted me to photograph their families, children and weddings! 
When Julie isn't busy educating the youth of tomorrow, she's laughing hysterically at her youthful fiancĂ©.  The only words I have to describe Greg are a child trapped in a man's body.  The goofiness, antics and facial expressions sure kept me on my toes the entire 2 hours!  Don't turn your back on him because you'll miss a photo op for sure! 
'Til the wedding....happy viewing!  :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

June Mini Sessions Available

{June Mini Sessions}

 Talon Winery (Lexington)

Thursday, June 6, 2013
weather make up date: Thursday, June 20, 2013

*customers may book more than one session, if available*

 $50 session fee.
When you spend $15 on prints, purchase the entire disc of images $53
Minimum Package price: $118.90 (all taxes included)

$50 deposit required to be paid by credit/debit/paypal or personal check no later than WEDNESDAY, MAY 22, 2013.  Payment for prints and disc required before submitting print order and mailing disc.  Images available online for viewing before payment is required.  More information available in contract.

This mini session will be set in the vineyards of Talon Winery!  Bring a picnic blanket for some cute and casual family pictures.  Mix it up a lil bit for your 2014 Seniors.  Or maybe just a romantic picture of you and that special some one!    Email me at amitchellphotography (at) yahoo (dot) com to sign up.