Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Fall

Better late than NEVER!  This is about a month over due!  So I've been taking care of my paying customers and neglecting my own personal collection of images.   Oh the my old neighbor's wise words...'this too shall pass.'  I keep telling myself that. 

I really don't decorate for seasons until fall and winter...then it is GAME ON!  Thanks to Pottery Barn's fall catalog, I had an itch to decorate...well, and the fact I FINALLY have a home to decorate (without everything being packed away and kept 'neutral' to appeal to potential buyers).

Below you'll see a slight obsession with burlap.  :)

That big pumpkin...$1.99...that's Aldi for ya! 

This wreath is really easy to make - says me who isn't really creative...pretty much everything I make is from a tutorial, not fabricated from wish-I-was-uber-craft-self.  See the tutorial here - from Top This Top That

Ehhh...not quite sure what to think about this arrangement.  We have this buffet table in our eating area.  It has nothing on it.  Still in the 'this house looks bare because we just moved in' phase.

Taking advantage of Mother Nature's free decor!  There are enough acorns to go around for all the squirrels and chipmunks in our 'hood.  They won't miss these at all.  It is pretty hard to find the 'whole' ones...with out the tops missing or little teeth marks leaves jagged scars across the smooth surface.

I should know what these are called, but I don't.  Our neighbor behind us as a huge tree in the front yard.  If it weren't for these sod pods, his yard work would be minimal this time of year!

Total IMPULSE buy at Walmart one day.  I'm not big on the el-cheapo Made in China goods, but I couldn't resist....

We light it every night for Isaac's (and my) delight!