All session fees listed include the time and talent of the photographer as well as any props I may have available.  Below you will find different options for creating your memories.

Standard Session   {$125}
Best for individuals, families, seniors, children and babies.  The session will last 1 hour from your scheduled time and take place at a location of your choice.  I encourage families and individuals to bring props or borrow some of mine to create a relaxed atmosphere and give everyone a chance to interact to capture the more candid and real life images. 
High school or college seniors - both times in life are HUGE accomplishments and should be documented as so!  I ask that students bring 2 options for wardrobes; typcially a lil dressy and lil casual.  Don't forget to pack away some props that show who you really are - instruments, sports equipment, guitar, your favorite book, or supplies from your hobby.

Large or extended family?  No problem!  I pro-rate your session to the half-hour.  Plan on 30 minutes for each family unit to be photographed.  

Birthdays & Events
Wish you had a picture-perfect snapshot of your kids's cake face from the birthday party?  What about the important milestone of your family's faith journey?  Don't forget reuions - family or high school!
*Starting at {$75} per hour.  All events are different, please contact me for quote for special event.

Image Collections and Prints
All image collections come with a printing release which allows you to print at any lab of your choice in any quantity.  This is a printing release only, NOT a copyright release.  Your contract has more details regarding your rights and responsibilities as a customer. 

**Image Collections are available for sale with a minimum print order of $25.**

Standard Session   {$100}
Included on your disc will be approximately 30 images which are edited and in color and monochrome.  For any session longer than 1 hour, your disc price will be the same as your session price.
*Image collections available for download via Dropbox.  To have images on disc, there is an additional fee of $10.

Events   {$50}
Each event is unique and catered to each individual.  I ensure all important people, significant events and products are photographed for your specific need.  The number of images you receive depends on your need.  You will receive images in color and/or monochrome based on your desires or my professional opinion.
*Depending on the job done, some collections will include the disc of images and some jobs will be available via Dropbox for instant download.  For those instances in which images will be made available via Dropbox and the customer requests a disc, there will be an additional $10 fee. 

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