Thursday, December 8, 2011

Baby T: 3 months

Lots of tears were shed during this session, both by big sister and little brother.  Oh the trials and tribulations of raising children!  We were able to pull off the session with a few smiling kiddos so festively dressed for the season!  I just thought I'd add one of Baby T to show you his 3 month picture.  It is amazing how quickly they change in just a short 3 months!

The A Family: Waveland

...just one more session...I glance at my husband with my face twisted up in a wince.  He just looks at me knowingly and responds, "I thought you were supposed to start maternity leave like a month ago."  He understands my passion, my drive, my motivation - and heck - when you're self employed every opportunity affects your payday.  The payday is constantly in the back of my mind since I'll be taking off several months for maternity leave AND not sure how much business I can take on with two kids at home...under the age of two.  But the Good Lord doesn't give us more than we can handle.  :) 

As for the A Family, I took on their session - as you can tell, other wise I wouldn't be writing about them!  ;)  I have to admit, I was nervous...not quite sure what to expect.  But what nerves lingered at the beginning of the shoot were looooong gone by the end!  The A Family has quite a sense of humor and the ability to make anyone feel comfortable and at ease in their presence.  They treat you as if you are real person and not just a photographer and 'let's hustle and get this shoot over with.'  And because of their ability to connect and relate, their pictures turned out awesome...imo.  I love nothing more than families (especially dads and husbands) who aren't afraid to show their affectionate side towards their children and wife.  I'm such a sucker, aren't I?! 

With a tough schedule to work with AND at the mercy of the weather - we were able to pull this session off outdoors.  Whew...I mean, I can shoot indoors, but I prefer outdoors WAAAAAAY better!  Luckily for us the 40% chance of rain held off until the next day.  Sorry for all you FBers who were complaining about ANOTHER rainy Monday, but it REALLY helped me out.  ;) 

Enough's the A Family!  :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Maternity Session

So my husband and mother are on the same page with maternity sessions...why?  As in, 'why bother?'  Sure, we snapped a few candid pictures of my growing belly from the past 8 months, but why bother with an official session with another professional photographer.  Insert sarcastic comment here from husband ----> "Why do we have to pay another photographer to take our pictures when you have a nice camera and tripod?!"  Oh dear...I just shake my head...he just doesn't understand!  And my husband and mom just don't 'get' the bare belly pictures.  Oh well.  I think it would be pretty hypocritical of myself to take pictures of other pregnant women, but not have my own maternity photo shoot.  ;) 

We used Ben Keeling as our photographer for our maternity session.  And he's going to do our newborn session as well.  I know, I know...I could probably do that myself, but I would like a family picture...and once husband would use the 'but you have a tripod' excuse.  But I digress...seriously...I was SO unhappy with my son's newborn pictures I took that I was very thankful to have Michele Carlisle document our new family.  For those of you who have had children and remember those first few weeks (if you can remember anything at all), you know your brain isn't firing on all cylinders...or at least mine wasn't.  So the newborn pictures I took of him were less than desirable.  :(  So we look forward to the arrival of our baby girl sometime around Christmas and New Year's. 

*I've been referring customers to Ben & Michele during my maternity leave.  :)

PS  I'm still hoping praying it is still a girl...I still doubt the ultra sound since my husband's family has a track record of NOT producing girls.  Not to mention all the money we've invested in pink and purple.  There's always craig's list if the ultrasound tech was wrong...and store returns/exchanges!  And yes, the baby IS his...for you readers who have a sense of humor.  ;) 

Thanks again Ben for documenting this special milestone in our lives!  :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jessie: Senior Portraits

That's my cuz!  Hard to believe she's a high school senior...I even remember when she was born.  I was in 4th grade.  I forgot to do my math homework the day she was born (SO not me) my 4th grade math teacher stood over me and questioned my partially finished homework as I mumbled the excuse of my cousin being born the night before.  Am I blessed or cursed with such a memory?!  I probably only remember that day in math class because my Catholic guilt/conscience got the best of me - seriously - I probably just forgot to do my math homework or left my book at school but I used her birth as an excuse.  Confession time!  :)  And I knew her name.  My aunt had confided in me the name she had picked out if she had a precious girl (yes - that was before the time of gender screening).  So when it was announced they had a little girl, I proudly told my parents I knew what my aunt was going to name her - and they were shocked!  I can keep a secret (sometimes).  ;) 

I was flattered when Jessie asked me to do her senior portraits.  What made our session so special (besides the fact she's my cuz) was the location she picked.  She really put some thought into it.  You see, our grandmother has been in an asissted living home for a few years now but she still has her home in the country.  With high emotions my dad and his siblings have been renovating the home to prepare to sell - the home my later-grandfather built with his own bare hands.  Like I said...high emotions.  The house holds memories.  And that's why Jessie chose it. 

Memories such as these.  Every Sunday the family gathered - some Sundays we gathered to celebrate birthdays (we have birthdays in every month except for March - until now...two great grandchildren have been born in the windy month since our traditions have gone to the way-side).  During the warmer months we'd run around barefoot - dirty and grass stains on our feet.  We'd throw rocks and poke sticks into the old concrete cattle trough and see what sorts of creatures or green scum we could find...and then dare each other to touch it with our bare hands.  Or a race down into the 'holler' where we'd over turn creek stones in hopes of finding a few crawdads.  And after the 10 acres had been mowed, we found pleasure in jumping between the hay bales - but always with our parents warning of 'watch our for snakes.'  During the colder months?  The wood-burning fire place in the basement was always welcoming.  And we jumped like monkeys from sofa to sofa during our made up game of 'alligator pit.'  Someone aka: 'it' had to tag you as you jumped mid-air between sofas or if you actually dared to run across the floor.  We'd play ourselves into a frenzy until we had sweat dripping off our foreheads, then run upstairs to cool off and grab a drink or swipe some food before dinner was actually ready. 

So the location was meaningful to all of us.  Memories we will have for a life time.  Granny's house out in the country.


Baby K: 3 months

Time sure does fly when you have little ones.  It feels like just a few weeks ago I was shooting Baby K's newborn session.  Being around the little ones makes me look forward to our new bundle of joy.  Baby K was kind enough to model the diaper cover and hat I made for our little girl.  Interested in your own set?  Just contact me!  :)

PS  Baby K's mama is a thirty-one consultant...need to get some Christmas shopping done?!  Who doesn't LOVE personalized hand bags and organizers?! 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Baby M's Big One!

1 year old sessions are bitter sweet...they just might be the best sessions since most of them include smashing the cake!  However, on the flip side they are sad since I won't see their precious faces every three months.  :(  Some how with Baby M we only had one outdoor session for the ENTIRE year...yikes!  Once again, it rained for this session, so we made do with indoor pics.  Enjoy!

And here's a glimpse of her from the past year...

9 months

6 months

3 months


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fall Mini Session: Waveland last series of a mini session!  It was unseasonably warm this day (and a tad windy) but we still had adorable outfits despite the higher temps and smiling faces!