Monday, August 27, 2012

Professional Development

How appropriate is the title considering my former teaching colleagues have just logged in numerous hours of professional development before the kickoff of the 2012-2013 school year?!

Just as with any career, job, hobby, or task - you want to set goals and better yourself.  I've been doing that slowly...usually kicking or screaming when it happens.  It usually occurs when a customer requests something that is slightly out of my comfort zone.  Like photographing during the MIDDLE of the day.  If I've had the pleasure to photograph you before, you know I prefer the natural light which is best right about 2 hours prior to sundown.  With this style it does limit the amount of sessions I can schedule...unlike a studio photographer who can book several sessions within one day because their light source isn't variable (along with the weather). 

Well, my husband's brother and his fam were coming over to check out our new digs along with the chickens and ducks we so lovingly feed on a daily basis.  My sister in law asked if I could grab a fam pic and do a little session with their 10 month old daughter.  Sure!  Oh will be like high noon...yikes. 

Shooting when the sun is highest in the sky isn't ideal for portraits.  With the sun high, it casts shadows down upon the face.  Think two black eyes.  Sleep deprived.  Not ideal for portraits. have the right equipment.  Flash, reflector, etc.  Then you can accomplish beautiful portraits!  Well, I forced myself to use my flash during the day.  Never done that before.  And let's just say good thing my niece is a happy girl...because she kept smiling as I kept making adjustments to flash angle, shutter speed and aperture.  If I was on my A-game I would've kept some of the non-flash pictures for comparisons. 

The A Family

Patience is a virtue.  Mrs. A has much of regards to me! Back in the fall she contacted me to schedule a session.  Under any other circumstances I gladly would've squeezed her into my too-busy-over-booked schedule because I just can't say, 'No.'  My expanding belly of 8 months which was home to my daughter at the time, reminded me I've pushed myself too far this season and really needed to put myself and family first.  I had to decline the session but still had hopes she (and other customers) would return once I decided to get behind the camera again. 

And she did.  Almost 8 months later!  I do believe she was the first person to sign up for the August and September mini sessions I posted.  Her son had aged 8 months (for those who don't have kids... 8 months is a HUGE difference for infants and toddlers).  Bummer.  But what made up for the fact was her mother in law was visiting.  From Spain.  Hola!  How much better could this session get with incorporating a grandmother?!  Take a peek to see how we managed it.  And a quick side note...I do believe I could spend hours with this family - just asking about their life experiences.  Mom is from Argentina.  Dad is from Spain.  They met in the USA.  Have moved back and forth between USA and Spain.  Which just emphasises how special the occasion to snag a few pics with Abuela.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back To School Sale

Or I could also call this THE MOVING SALE!  We are 8 days out from the big move into our new home and my husband doesn't want to pack my inventory!

To see my stock of hats, click here and it will take you to my business's facebook page where you can browse.  The sale is only for these hats and not custom orders.  Sale ends Friday and all hats will be shipped out on Saturday. 

Owl hats: $22 SHIPPED!
Beanies: $16 SHIPPED!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Save the Date!

You are invited to join with us as we support of Local Small Home Business Owners & Crafters

The Pax Christi Catholic Church
4001 Victoria Way, Lexington, KY
Saturday, August 18th
from 9:00am – 2:00pm.

This show is being made available as a service to the community at the request by a few small home business owners.    All funds received will provide funding for parish programs.  We hope this show will be a good fundraiser for us and we hope it will be a good avenue for our local small home business owners to share their talents with the community! 

Drinks, baked goods and lunch will be available for purchase by various parish based organizations to raise funding for their activities.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office
at Pax Christi Catholic Church at 859-273-9999 or Amanda Mitchell at 859-533-6983

Registered Crafters/Small Business Owners:
Amanda Mitchell Photography
Arbonne Int’l – Anti-aging/skin care
Chiro One Wellness Center
Custom Jewelry by Peggy
Jamberry Nails
Mary Kay
Origami Owl Living Lockets
Pampered Chef
Party Lite
Premier Jewelry
Silk Paintings and Scarves by Carol
Stella & Dot Jewelry
Tastefully Simple
Thirty-one Gifts
Paparazzi Accessories

 Pax Christi Catholic Church is providing a venue for these small business owners to present their products/services    Pax Christi Catholic Church accepts no responsibility regarding warranty of product/services purchased.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Willow Oak Park

I wrapped up this summer with mini sessions at Willow Oak Park.  Summer?  Wrapped up?  Geeze, I know it isn't technically over....but it seems like with today being the 1st day of school that fall is just around the corner.  Not to mention the last few days we have had temps in the 70s!  And we just booked a family session for our fam in October, which already has me imagining hues of browns, golds and denim for our wardrobe. 

And I digress...back to Willow Oak Park.  I love this park because it is different than your average neighborhood park around town.  A faithful client of mine wanted to do her family portraits a few years back.  Since I've done the shoot I've since forgotten about the place.  Until...another customer wanted a bridge for the background of her youngest daughters 1 year old pictures.  Enter memory....yes hard to believe but I feel like I lack memory lately!  After having two kids, many sleepless nights, and moving twice within 3 months, somehow I remembered about Willow Oak Park!

Somehow I managed to pick the nights just right...muggy, soupy humidity and no breeze.  Ha!  At least all the kids were able feed the ducks either before or after their sessions, so it was all worth it!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Inspiration: Bubbles!

There are so many normal-everyday items that we can take for granted which will make for awesome pictures.  Especially with children.  I do believe I'll start a series of inspiration themed blog posts. 

My first inspiration themed photography prop would be bubbles.  We had one of those multiple Walmart runs the weekend we moved into our rental house.  Lightbulbs, box fan, bubble blower.  Bubble blower?  I don't remember adding THAT to the shopping list.  But that's what came home.  What I initially thought would be a waste of money and piece of cheap plastic turned out to be one of the best purchases my husband has made in our 4 years of marriage.  Because we now have these adorable pictures of our two year old son.

I should add a disclaimer that as a photographer, don't be mistaken that my children run around in their best clothes always ready for a photo op.  HA!  No, my son had a designated 'play clothes' drawer in which I don't care what happens to those clothes.  Seriously, this is what I put on him everyday....and for some future posts you'll completely understand.