Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Miss K: 9 months

A gorgous early June evening was in store for this cutie's 9 month old session.  As a side note (if you haven't been following my house-living-where-abouts drama) ALL of my chair props are in storage, but luckily I had a small wicker rocker which I stowed at my parents house when Nate and I were married (and all my beautiful wicker furniture had to find a new home...but I wasn't ready to part with it yet)!  Whew....it saved the day for sure! 

I can't believe her 1 year session is just around the corner!  I have two other baby-package customers and all three kiddos will turn one around the same time. Time for me to get my hind end in gear and paint that high chair I scored from a garage sale and make my rag-tie backdrops....so much to do!  We'll see if it gets done! 

Holly Jo & Michael's Wedding: Christ the King & Keeneland

One word sums up this couple's wedding: TEAMWORK. 

Both business professionals took their wedding planning on full steam ahead with the same meticulous, thorough planning they do with their work projects.  I'd like to think of it as a divide and conquer mentality.  I do believe Michael was more involved in wedding planning than any other groom I've met!  As for the meticulous planning, you should have seen the spread sheet complete with timeline, details and side notes Holly Jo compiled for the days leading up to and the day of their wedding!  This couple may be every wedding photographer's dream!  I hardly had to make any adjustments to their photography time line.  But not only have they put such careful thought into making sure this day got off without a hitch (well, except these two getting hitched!) they were waaaay flexible! 

The church had a same day function prior to their scheduled nuptials - which went beyond schedule.  Not a single formal photo was taken prior to the wedding, which means ALL were put on hold until after the ceremony.  I must say, Holly Jo and Michael kept their cool!  We had to revisit the drawing board in regards to the photography schedule, we had a Plan A and Plan B if you will...moving certain poses here or there, doing without some poses all together and holding off on some poses until the reception site because there just wouldn't be enough time. 

All in all you have to take a step back and realize what is the most important event of the day.  The I DO.  Did it happen?  You betcha!  Yes, your wedding ceremony is oh-so-very-important, but as a veteran (of 4 years...haha!) I really cannot remember every single wedding detail I had planned months prior to our big day.  We have four years under our belt, two children under our wings....and our dream home we are searching for.  The big day becomes a sweet memory, but just imagine how many more memories Holly Jo and Michael will make in the years to come!

So here's to Holly Jo and Michael!  May you keep your dear friends and family close to you for support and you will be able to survive anything that comes your way! 

I'd like to give a shout out to my 2nd and 3rd photographers - Jaye Baesler and Dwayne Lloyd!  Dwayne has been in photography waaaay longer than I have, but he just started the business end of it and wanted some experience with weddings, so he tagged along.  I am thrilled to have another photographer to call upon!  Dwayne has been taking care of some of my customers while I'm on extended maternity leave, sabbatical....whatever you want to call it!  Hop on over to his site and check him out!  He's on facebook as well.

Dwayne snapped this one!

Kudos to Dwayne!

Wish I could take credit for this one, too!

With 2nd and 3rd photographers you have the luxury of a photographer to document all the details at the reception before guests start arriving. 

HUGE props to Dwayne for spying the sofas and carefully positioning them infront of the tunnel at Keeneland.  I think I'll keep Dwayne around!  ;)

Friends or family of the bride or groom?  Ask them for the password to see all the images from their big day.  Here's the quick link for you! 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Godparents...round 3

Proud to present our goddaughter!  Once again...photoshop has not been unearthed from the bowels of this home so you are viewing unedited images.

Monday, June 11, 2012

5 months old...TIME FLIES!

I just received my friendly email from babycenter.com informing me Lauren is now 5 months and 3 weeks old.  Good thing I JUST took her 5 month old pictures yesterday.  Um...yeah....well...I tried to take them about two weeks ago but she just wasn't cooperating.  I also tried to take Isaac's 2 year pictures the same day and he just wasn't cooperating.  Looking back...they had not been cooperating for the past week.  During errands last Friday Isaac throws his head back in a screaming fit and I see the back of his little throat is RED!  Agghhh!  So I leave screaming kids in car and dial the pediatrician from outside the car.  Yeah, I wonder what the bystanders thought as both kids are sitting in the back seat strapped into carseats with tears streaming down their faces as I non-chalantly chat away on my cell phone OUTSIDE of the car.  Fortunately the pediatrician had an opening and I was only 5 minutes away.  Verdict: virus.  Both kids.  Whew...having a diagnosis was a relief!  I thought I was going crazy the whole week.  No, it was legit - the kids were sick but didn't have any obvious side effects.  They were just cranky and not acting like themselves all week.  Funny how much more patience you have once you realize something is wrong with them.  Guilt trip. 

Anyhoo - the kids aren't the only ones with a virus - my computer was attacked and thus bedridden for about two weeks.  Things still weren't running right so we just put in a new hard drive and things are working like a well oiled machine.  However....I have not had time to make my way through the towers of boxes in my parents' basement to find the one labeled, 'software' which includes my photoshop and other plug-ins. 

For those of you just tuning in...or if I didn't divulge our where-abouts in my last post - we are now houseless (not homeless, just houseless).  We sold our previous homes in 3 weeks, couldn't find another home before closing on our previous home....thus didn't leave enough time to find a rental so we are squatting at my last permanent residence: with mom and dad.  We are here until our rental is ready...or unless we find a home.  So all of our 'need to live' stuff is in PODS ready to be delivered if we need a rental and all of our stuff we can live without is in boxes lining the walls of my parents' basement.  Let's just say Baesler Climate Control Storage has a really good rate...and so does their monthly lease.  ;) 

Ok...so as you can see...sick kids (and now the 4 of us are passing around a cold)...house hunting...living in limbo as regards to finding rental or a home has left our lives pretty stressful.  The baby weight I was losing has found its place back on my midsection.  A friend of ours jokingly pointed out that 'stressed' spelled backwards is 'desserts.'  Thanks Jay!  I think I'll slice another piece of birthday cake!  ;)  And speaking of birthday cake...for my birthday present I bought myself a double jogging stroller...so let the pound shedding begin (yet again). 

Sorry if this post seems random, jumping around and an English teacher's worst nightmare (oh yes, I see you with your red pen making my post bleed with comments about run-on sentences, better transitions and more details for clarification)....but that's how my brain has been for almost 2 months.  So back to photoshop...since I haven't dug it out from the depths of the home...all my images for the time being are UNEDITED.  Do you know how often photographers post their UNEDITED work?  I almost hate to post them, but hey - that's how life is right now. 

I had Daddy's help with getting him to smile! 

I love this picture with Nate in the background!

Too bad I couldn't get her to smile like this when I had the real background up.  Oh well...it will be a story to tell when she gets old.  "When you were an infant mommy was too busy to take your pictures because we were always searching for a home or trying to keep your brother out of nana's potted indoor plants."

Totally unplanned, impromptu 5 month old session.  I had been crocheting a cute peach colored ruffled diaper cover and flower headband.  I wasn't done yet but decided I need not waste yet another day without getting her 5 month pictures done. 

Attempt #2 at 2 year old pics...sick and I didn't know it.  I should've known something was up when he wanted to take beloved 'Blue' outside. 

This was the best pic of the day....and Blue is still in tow.

Not even smiling.  "Mommy, my throat feels as if its on fire.  why do you insist om torturing me with a fancy diaper cover and headband?!'

Out for the count as big  bro and his 5 year old girlfriend (aka: cougar) write words of wisdom with colored chalk on the driveway.