Friday, May 23, 2014

The 'M' Kids :: KY Horse Park

Well, found my new spot to schedule sessions!  White plank fences, the chance of a horse grazing near by...did I mention how friendly the staff is?!  The day before our scheduled session I took my daughter to drive around the KY Horse Park and see what there was in the way of photography backdrops.  The next night for our session the security guard remembered me, waved me right on through and said I was welcome anytime.  Now that's what I call southern hospitality.

Nothing like some Levi's, cowboy boots, belt buckle, gravel path and guitar that says we are in the country!  I'd say in the South, but some would question that!  ;)


Welcome Baby G!

Baby G made an early arrival...but don't get me was perfect timing (according to Baby G's daddy)...since it was prior to the University of Kentucky's Men's basketball NCAA Final Four show-down.  Shew, can't miss a game in the hometown of the Wildcats! 

Little guy was so cooperative during his session I'd almost think he was born to be in front of a camera.  I cannot tell you how many newborn sleep-smiles I snagged during this session.  There's photographic evidence so you know I'm not fibbing!  ;) 

Happy viewing! 

Not even kidding...first picture I took of him.  He kept smiling while I was testing my lighting. 

Loved these blocks so much (a gift to Baby G) that I had to get my own!  3 sets.  That's right...three. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

First Holy Communion :: Pax Christi Catholic Church

A big day for these kiddos and their families!  Almost twenty seven and eight year-olds filled the first row of pews dressed in more than their Sunday's best.  Itchy, collared shirts, falling dress socks and lots of white tulle made for some cute pictures during mass last Saturday.  Boys looking handsome in vests and ties and little ladies looking so angelic in white dresses and veils as they anxiously awaited to partake in the body and blood of our Jesus Christ.

Here are just a handful of some of the moments captured from the 2014 First Holy Communion class at Pax Christi Catholic Church.  Scroll to the bottom and you'll find the link to take you to the online gallery for ordering and viewing.

Thanks for stopping by!

To see all the pictures from First Holy Communion, please click here and enter the password you were given from the church.  

Thursday, May 8, 2014

April Mini Sessions :: UK Arboretum

Winter was long and bitter for us this year.  When I was planning my April mini sessions I just flipped open my planner from last year, pulled up the images from that session to see what the background looked like and picked a similar date for this year. 

Bwahahahaha Mother Nature had me fooled once I made my arrival at the Arboretum!  Tulips, most of the daffodils and the almost honey-comb like shaped Columbine where no where to be seen!  Fortunately I lucked out on a small patch of daffodils in a not so suspecting place.  Well, it would have to do. 

Note to self: keep in mind the length and severity of winter when planning for the first spring sessions.  On another note, on my way back out to the parking lot I spied the large flower bed next to the drop off loop FULL of tulip buds.  Yes, buds, which meant the following week they would have been in full bloom and absolutely gorgeous! 


Photos taken at The Arboretum, State Botanical Garden of Kentucky, Lexington, KY