Friday, April 8, 2011

Master N: Downtown Lex

I get all giddy every time this family contact me for a session! 

1.  The whole fam is photogenic.  They already have their poses in mind and I LOVE IT! 
2.  The son is absolutely hilarious and does his own poses.
3.  They keep me in business - the wife has referred 9 families from her work to me!

This time she just wanted to get her son's pictures taken - a little overdue on his birthday pictures.  I guess when you have a birthday smack dap in the middle winter, it can get tricky trying to get outdoor pictures done.  But they held out until March and we just lucked out with 70 degree weather and SUN!  The mom had a few other reasons for this session: 1-an outfit is her fav and he won't wear it much longer since it is a sweater.  2-they bought him an Easter vest & pants and couldn't wait to get their handsome son all dressed up!  3-he started taking guitar lessons and wanted pictures with his guitar. 

Take a peek at this ham!

Candid shot!  We wanted him to take off his shoes and go barefoot - he thought we were off our rocker!

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