Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jessica's Creations: Local Lexington Business

I promised Jessica eons ago (ok, two months...but it feels like f-o-r-e-v-e-r) that I would make a post about the yarn wreath I bought from her. 

Back in January I was feeling frisky about creating some of my own photography props; hats.  During my search of beloved Etsy, I came across yarn wreaths.  I was instantly hooked (for you crochet-ers...pun intended)!  We have a fall and winter door decoration, but nothing for the other seasons or everyday.  Convinced I could make one myself, I started searching for colors.  Then I reconsidered because I didn't know if wanted to get into the whole making of felt flowers...better to leave that up to a professional.  :)  So I actually narrowed down my Etsy search for 3 wreaths - later I was going to have hubby throw in his two cents.  Until I had a revelation...

That revelation...I'm a small business owner - I have waaaaaay more respect for other local small business owners.  And in no time (seriously) Jessica whipped up this charming but simple wreath for us.  :)  Also keep her in mind when looking for photography props.  She has created many adorable dresses, funky and cute hats, and unique blankets (my personal fav is the watermelon). 

Can you get one?  YES!
Can you get it made it any colors?  YES!
Do want to know her contact info?  YES!

Jessica's Creations
"Loving the craftier side of life..."
Lexington, KY
Find her on facebook!

Spring Has Sprung: UK Arboretum you can see I'm falling behind with my posts...I haven't done a Wee Bit Wednesday a few weeks!  I have been that busy with photography!  Fortunately the weather gave me a break this week; I was able to get a lot of editing accomplished since Kentucky now has a monsoon season (rain = cancelled sessions).  On top of that my son and I came down with a bug...I never realized how hard it is to care for yourself AND someone else who is completely dependant on you.  Between the weather radio blaring at all hours of the night and a stuffy-nosed, temperature riddled toddler, I felt like I was new mother all over again with the feedings every 2.5 hours!  However, last night was my first full night of sleep in 1 week and 2 days (who's counting). now that I'm rested I'm ready to take on the world! 

Here are the completed images from April's Mini Session!  Take a peek...oh and I'm experimenting with some editing'll see what I mean.  :)

Miss E just turned took her a while to warm up, but by the end she was ALL smiles!

Mister J's mom and I go waaaaay back...Daisy girl scouts I think?!  We went to school together from elementary through high school.

Apparently he's told other photographers to 'stop' taking his pictures.  Yes, even I heard it too.  :)

But then he changed his mind and became a little poser on the bench.  :)

One of my new loyal customers!  She booked a March Mini session - and even before the images were posted she snagged an April Mini Session!  :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Miss A's 1 year session: Waveland

As you can see (and more to come) Waveland is a popular place for me.  Well, I should say it is very ideal for young children.  You can get a lot of bang for your buck...well...uh...I mean it is a small location with many areas for different backdrops.  There's the garden, red barn, open field, cabin, fencing, get the point right?  You have all these options with literally just steps between them.  So this is why I suggest Waveland for younger kids.  Not to mention there is a playground awaiting them after our session!  :)

Miss A is only a few days younger than my son.  Miss A's mom is the academic coach at my former school.  It was really neat to go through our pregnancies together; Miss A her 2nd, my son our first.  Having experienced motherhood before me, she suspected we were expecting before I told anyone at work.  I guess my extreme fatigue was a dead giveaway. 

Anyway, here are her pictures...done in two separate sessions.  Someone wasn't so happy the first time around.  In fact, she was so upset she wanted nothing to do with her big sis took care of it. :) 

M Family: Waveland

The M family are near and dear to us.  Mrs. M & I both taught together my first year (her 2nd...she came from Utah).  And almost 5 years later we are still close family friends...close enough they are our son's godparents.  :) 

Our session is maybe what you could call a little less than ideal.  It started even before I left the house.  My husband called and said he couldn't break away from work in time to be home to keep our son.  He's currently in a technical position with state's largest project: the new human resources database (KHRIS).  Slight panic set in...I have to take our 1 year son with me?!  I figured he should do just fine in the stroller with a few toys.  Our boy is awesome when he's outside...he could care less about anything else. 

The M family rolled up with little man B a little out of character.  You'll see in one of the pictures :)  And to top it off...gloomy clouds were lingering dangerously close.

We squeezed off a few wholesome family shots and then pretty much let little man B do his own thing with mom, dad, and me (and my son) in tow.  We got a good solid 45 minutes until we felt the rain drops.  Luckily we wrapped it up just in time before the heavens opened up on us.  But to top off the night, we made a trip to Chick-fil-a.  And what about my kid?  I couldn't have asked for anything more out of him.  He didn't stay in his stroller, but happily explored through the grass behind me while I worked away. 

I don't usually add 'bloopers,' but how could I resist THIS one?!

Who's that kid?!  ;)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Pamper My Mama ~ VOTING OPEN!

Cast your votes for your favorite mama to win our Mother's Day giveaway package!  Go here to view all 8 nominees.  To vote for a mama, simply press 'like' on her post.  Make sure to read all the event details about voting.  Voting ends April 30th. Good luck mamas!  :)

See original post for Pamper My Mama; a mother's day giveaway, go here

Friday, April 8, 2011

Master C: 1 year

1 year...already?!  This session got me a little prepared for my son's upcoming 1st birthday.  Oh how they grow so fast!  We did our session at the Arboretum and let the little guy wonder around the tree trunks.

Master N: Downtown Lex

I get all giddy every time this family contact me for a session! 

1.  The whole fam is photogenic.  They already have their poses in mind and I LOVE IT! 
2.  The son is absolutely hilarious and does his own poses.
3.  They keep me in business - the wife has referred 9 families from her work to me!

This time she just wanted to get her son's pictures taken - a little overdue on his birthday pictures.  I guess when you have a birthday smack dap in the middle winter, it can get tricky trying to get outdoor pictures done.  But they held out until March and we just lucked out with 70 degree weather and SUN!  The mom had a few other reasons for this session: 1-an outfit is her fav and he won't wear it much longer since it is a sweater.  2-they bought him an Easter vest & pants and couldn't wait to get their handsome son all dressed up!  3-he started taking guitar lessons and wanted pictures with his guitar. 

Take a peek at this ham!

Candid shot!  We wanted him to take off his shoes and go barefoot - he thought we were off our rocker!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lindsey & Alex: Lexington Wedding

This post is waaaay over due!  Lindsey and Alex got married almost a month ago!  Their wedding kicked off my wedding season.  So far I have 5 weddings booked for this year. 

This couple is every photographer's dream!  Their hearts are on fire for each other and didn't care who saw their affection.  The spontaneous kisses, hugs and hand squeezes were so quick I had to be ready or I'd miss it!  The weather was perfect...uhhh if you were going to fly a kite!  The sun was out and wiiiiindy!  Needless to say, the guys didn't care if their hair was mussed by the wind, the girls on the other hand...different story.  We had to do our best with the church windows and get creative with posing.  No way could the guys get better pictures than the girls!  ;)  And the one thing that made their wedding unique...the bridal party wore Toms!

Congrats to the newly weds....and here are a few images from their big day!

The longest 'first kiss' I've ever seen.  I believe I have 20 frames...and I even paused!

Definitely showed everyone up with their 'formal' dance.