Sunday, April 15, 2012


3 months old
2 years old
1 tired mama

I have hit that 'wall' of sleep deprivation.  The first 3 months after Lauren was born I could 'manage' on about 5-6 hours of sleep and maybe a nap during the day...if her nap time coincided with Isaac's nap.  Or maybe I was counting down to that 12-13 week mark since Isaac was that old when he started to sleep through the night.  And girls are supposed to sleep through the night sooner, right?  Sooo jealous of SIL, our niece has been sleeping through the night since 8 weeks.  Ugh.  Green eyed monster.  This past week I'm ecstatic to report she's sleeping longer, waking up to eat about 5:30 or 6.  Oh it so much better than 2:30 and 6:30!  She may squeal between 2-3, but silence ensues once that paci is popped back in her mouth. 

It isn't just the wakeful nights that's brought permanent residence to the dark circles under my eyes (thanks Mary Kay for a quick fix!) but the fact I'm keeping up with the house work.  Ugh.  The following image has been circulating on facebook for the past few days.  So I guess that means I've been a good mom, but I can tell when I get carried away house work when Isaac starts acting ornery. 

Can I get an 'AMEN!'
  Now, I must bring to attention there is a difference between mess and filth.  Mess is when stuff is just out of place.  As most of you experience mess if you have children.  Of any age.  Or a husband.  Well, I guess the husband walks the fine line between mess and filth.  Hahah...couldn't help myself.  And filth is well...I'm pretty sure you know what filth is...we've all had it at one time or another.  But gosh, in today's economy with a home on the market you gotta do e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g in your absolute power to showcase your home.  I'm talking windex the faucets, hide every shred of evidence that children live in the home, bake brownies for that warm, homely smell, serve brownies and chilled lemonade to 'bribe' the buyer, and do ridiculous upgrades just to get people interested.  Oh yes, we've dropped almost $3,000 PLUS sweat equity (thanks Nate and Nat for our new living room flooring) to improve the appearance of the home.  And we won't even make that up when we sell the home.  Our home is currently priced $4,000 below the purchase price in 2007.  I'm resisting the whole granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances upgrade.  People can bite me, I'm old fashioned and I know it.  Our 5 year old appliances work just FINE and won't be replaced any time soon.  Potential buyers always comment that the homes are too close together.  Well, if you'd note the lot size on the listing details you wouldn't waste your time and my time would you?  That's something we can't change.  Potential buys mention the lack of privacy.  Fence installed...check!  15 foot maple tree purchase and to be strategically placed to block neighbor's deck...CHECK!  PS if you've never shopped for trees, the older the tree, the more expensive it is.  Get ready to shell out some husband experienced some sticker shock this weekend.

 Oh geeze, I'm going all Debbie Downer, doom-n-gloom.  Not everything is 'Leave it to Beaver' and chipper in our household.  If you thought so you were sadly mistaken.  We have our moments....the good ones out-weigh the bad ones, though.  We are trying to keep a more positive outlook.  Everything will happen in His timing and I believe we are being taught and given the opportunity to show patience.  We recently read a devotional about the 'drudgeries' of you life.  Complaining that the kids won't go to bed at a decent hour.  Be thankful you have children.  House won't sell?  Be thankful you have a roof over your head.  Be thankful you can afford a home!  Car problems...for crying out loud we have the luxury of owning TWO cars!  Even though we are bursting at the seams in this home (I believe half of our possessions are stashed at my parents home) I am thankful I only have 1200 sq ft to keep in pristine condition...I really don't mind having a small home at this point in my life.  Content.  That's where I am.  But let's be honest, we can't help but drool when we see a home go up for sale in the coveted Crosswoods acre lot sure would be nice for Isaac to run around in.  :)

Ok, enough are the recent pictures of the kiddos!  Now I'm off to the kitchen to slice up some cantelope for Isaac's birthday celebration with friends and family!  More pictures on that later!

And if I may be biased, Isaac is following his dad's footsteps in the 'looks' department.  Watch out ladies!  I just hope he doesn't leave as many hearts broken in his wake as his father did.  And as for Lauren, Nate is already terrified at the thought of boys chasing her.  We may have to get her chastity belt re-fitted since her thighs are growing at unbelievable rate.  I just tell her she is a woman and it is just fine to be voluptuous!