Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jessica's Creations: Local Lexington Business

I promised Jessica eons ago (ok, two months...but it feels like f-o-r-e-v-e-r) that I would make a post about the yarn wreath I bought from her. 

Back in January I was feeling frisky about creating some of my own photography props; hats.  During my search of beloved Etsy, I came across yarn wreaths.  I was instantly hooked (for you crochet-ers...pun intended)!  We have a fall and winter door decoration, but nothing for the other seasons or everyday.  Convinced I could make one myself, I started searching for colors.  Then I reconsidered because I didn't know if wanted to get into the whole making of felt flowers...better to leave that up to a professional.  :)  So I actually narrowed down my Etsy search for 3 wreaths - later I was going to have hubby throw in his two cents.  Until I had a revelation...

That revelation...I'm a small business owner - I have waaaaaay more respect for other local small business owners.  And in no time (seriously) Jessica whipped up this charming but simple wreath for us.  :)  Also keep her in mind when looking for photography props.  She has created many adorable dresses, funky and cute hats, and unique blankets (my personal fav is the watermelon). 

Can you get one?  YES!
Can you get it made it any colors?  YES!
Do want to know her contact info?  YES!

Jessica's Creations
"Loving the craftier side of life..."
Lexington, KY
Find her on facebook!

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