Tuesday, May 8, 2012

4 months and some change

Ahh..and now that I look at these I think to myself, "I should have pulled the blanket up over the headboard!"  Live and learn!  I actually snapped these really quickly to send off to church for Lauren's Baby Dedication ceremony.  Lauren actually turned 4 months a week ago. Our lives have been crazy these past three weeks - those of you close to us know our recent drama and set backs.  And those of you who have ever moved homes with young children know our daily routine is turned upside down with trying to give both children enough attention AND pack up a house...

The title of this post is "Four months and some change."  'Change' has double meaning...clever me!  As a side note, English and Literature courses where never my strong point, so writing has always been a challenge for me (I tend to leave out 'fluff' that draws readers into stories, I tend to shoot it straight - black/white, that's why I prefer to work with numbers).  Anyhoo - 'Change' first meant Lauren really didn't just turn four months old....but a few extra days.  Slacker mom.  I know.  And I'm the photographer.  The weekend Lauren turned 4 months we were actually visiting family in Georgia and Little Miss made a liar out of us!  In attempts to 'pack light' for our trip, we just brought the mattress/board from her pack-n-play.  She wasn't rolling over yet so why did we need to bring the whole set up.  She stays in one place.  No borders or boundaries needed.  Until one morning.  She woke up crying (no surprises here) and Grandma Cindy made her way into Lauren's room before I did...to find her on her belly and laying halfway on the mat!  Poor baby!  So now we must bring the whole pack-n-play. 

And onto the second meaning of 'change.'  Change for us is coming in BIG ways!  Let's just say we prayed for the home to sell (answered in three weeks) and for patience during the house hunting process (answered).  Oh yeah - did someone ever let you in on a little secret...NEVER PRAY FOR PATIENCE!  You will be tested beyond belief and given every opportunity to practice and demonstrate patience!  I'll cut out the drama from this past week...so we haven't found a home yet.   And so here we are, 2 weeks out from closing.  My loving and generous parents have offered to let us stay with them.  Sweet!  Not so much for Nate...his commute to work is longer by 25 minutes.  Not so sweet.  Can it get sweeter, you betcha!  We have been offered to stay in my grandmother's vacant home located in what seems like BFE.  Fine with me!  Isaac will have 10 acres to explore (with Momma and Dadda in tow).  And it helps knock off several minutes for Nate's commute.  The only catch is we have to wait until it is move-in ready.  It will be so different to have some land...compared to suburbia on a .016 acre lot and neighbors in your business.  There is one thing that does...or doesn't...come with the territory.  Cable and internet.  That's right, we will officially be disconnected from the world. 

Disconnected.  Looks like I'll be adding that data package to my phone!  I gotta keep up with email some how!  Fortunately the business has been somewhat put on hold until our life 'normalizes.' Is that even a word?!  Nate's looking forward to not having the creature comforts of cable and internet.  Ehhh he gets email and internet while he's at work. But what about me?  Like I said, data package.  Verizon Wireless Hot Spot? I think so!  Looks like my days of talk shows and social media are over.  Ha!  Like I ever really had time for that with a 2 year old and infant!  Can some mamas relate?!  I'll just have to update the blog, upload customer images, order prints, etc whenever I can break away to my parents' house.  Good excuse for them to cook dinner, right?! ;) 

I'm imagining my days in the farm house lounging below the maple tree with a blanket spread out for Lauren and me while Isaac meanders and examines every square inch of the yard...poking sticks at the chiggers on the rock wall, stomping on the mole hills, pointing to the numerous birds flying overhead, and digging in the dirt and gravel driveway.  He will have a bath every night.  How can he not?  Maybe we'll just keep the hose hooked up to the spigot and keep a bottle of baby wash on the front porch for a lunch-time hose down.  I see dinner time cooking in the kitchen with the ceiling fan whirling overhead (my Granny was a smart woman for installing a ceiling fan in a kitchen.  Any woman who has cooked for a crowd knows how hot the kitchen gets!), as the kids play in the kitchen floor and Nate finishes up mowing the yard on the ride-on Deere.  As night time falls we'll see the stars WAAAY sooner than our suburbia kin and let Isaac run wild catching fireflies. 

Like I said at the beginning of the paragraph, 'imagine.'  I'm sure life will be just as crazy as it is now....well, before we started packing.  But I do hope we can take a step back in time and s-l-o-w down a bit.  Sit back and enjoy this once in a life time opportunity. 

That's it for now...I've written way more than anticipated and nothing on my to-do list has been crossed off for today..other than given 'pack boxes.'