Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lindsey & Alex: Lexington Wedding

This post is waaaay over due!  Lindsey and Alex got married almost a month ago!  Their wedding kicked off my wedding season.  So far I have 5 weddings booked for this year. 

This couple is every photographer's dream!  Their hearts are on fire for each other and didn't care who saw their affection.  The spontaneous kisses, hugs and hand squeezes were so quick I had to be ready or I'd miss it!  The weather was perfect...uhhh if you were going to fly a kite!  The sun was out and wiiiiindy!  Needless to say, the guys didn't care if their hair was mussed by the wind, the girls on the other hand...different story.  We had to do our best with the church windows and get creative with posing.  No way could the guys get better pictures than the girls!  ;)  And the one thing that made their wedding unique...the bridal party wore Toms!

Congrats to the newly weds....and here are a few images from their big day!

The longest 'first kiss' I've ever seen.  I believe I have 20 frames...and I even paused!

Definitely showed everyone up with their 'formal' dance.


  1. Loved the picture of the guy's jumping up in the air.

  2. Thanks so much for an awesome job, Amanda!! We thoroughly enjoyed you being a part of our BIG day!! :)