Thursday, December 4, 2014

Playing Catch Up

Well these days it seems I'm always playing catch up!  I appreciate all my fans' and followers' patience the past few months as I took time to focus and tend to my family.  My husband is branching off and starting his own business and any of you who might be entrepreneurs know how much time and dedication it takes.  Between fulfilling my commitment to scheduled sessions, editing, running my own part time business, taking care of a home along with two young children, testing the waters of homeschooling and emotionally supporting my husband through his journey I had little time for the 'fluff' stuff in my life (aka: blogging, window shopping, pinterest, personal hygiene...haha  ok making sure you were paying attention). 

How I did it?  Gee, I have no idea.  But by the grace of God I only averaged one personal melt down a month over the last three months, the house stayed manage-ably clean, meals were still cooked (ok, so maybe I took more short cuts than usual), clean clothes were in drawers and I did not fall behind on editing.  Yes, massive amounts of caffeine were consumed and many hours of sleep were given up.  We also didn't miss a day of homeschool (we only do 3 days a please don't think of me as super-mom).  What doesn't break you, only makes you stronger.  I clung to my Bible and quiet time like the kids grasp their special blankie to soothe tears and drift off to sleep.  That's how I did it.  I would not want to do it again, but I would do it over again if need be. 

Since that is all behind us I can now focus on my last two baby sessions for this year, finish a tad more Christmas shopping and enjoy the Christmas spirit that seems to permeate every inch of our home, retail stores, radio waves and hearts...oh, and update this blog.  ;) 

Next up, mini sessions from August!  I almost remember this day like it was last week...earlier in the day I had 5 kiddos romping through my house.  Two 4-year olds, two 2-year olds and an 11 month old.  Nothing particularly bad happened, but it just makes for a busy morning.  Glancing back at my calendar I had a laundry list of short edits, a print order to submit and some bills to pay during my kids' quiet time.  I remember being absolutely depleted of energy heading to this session. Little did I know the odds would ever be in my favor as I clicked my 50mm into place and took my crouched position to get at kid-level.  First up was our God-son.  What a hoot!  For real, this just-turned-five-year-old posed on the corner of the gazebo and said, 'Hey Miss Amanda, can we take some candid pictures,' and proceed to glance over his shoulder and gaze and the pond.  In shock I just sat there, almost confused until he jolted me back to reality with his follow up comment while not moving his head but straining to look me at out of the corner of his brilliant blue eyes, 'You know, you take pictures of me when I'm not looking at the camera.'  I barely caught the slightest smuggest grin trying to escape that precious face.  This kid's got it!

And these two ladies!  Oh wow, I remember their session from last year (or the year, time flies!)  How easy and natural they are in front of the camera!  They are both in dance and you can tell it blankets their way of living.  From the way they walk and interact every little move is fluid and grace-filled.  So naturally they can strike a pose without my instruction and flash that red-carpet smile!  Oh my day was made!!

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