Monday, October 28, 2013

Treat or Treat 2013

I had a blast coordinating this year's Treat or Treat vendors and setting up a photo booth for the very first time!  Real Life Radio along with their sponsors put on quite a show at Pax Christi Catholic Church this year for their 6th annual Treat or Treat which is a family friendly Halloween event.  The Ronald McDonald House benefited from the entrance fee of the custom contest and it was a show NOT to be missed!  I happened to snag a shot of the brother/sister duo who took home 1st place for the costume contest.

With one photo booth experience under my belt and another photo booth booked for this coming weekend, I must say that even if it wasn't profitable, it sure is FUN!  Here is just a few teasers from this past weekend.  If you have the password for the Treat or Treat event, you can check out your kids' images here.  Enjoy!

PS-I'll update the blog later with all the sponsors and scheduled entertainment from the big day.

1st prize winners!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The H Family :: Waveland

How could I possibly be posting images from this summer??  These were taken late August...let's just say I've been SWAMPED with seeking out vendors for this weekend's Treat or Treat event and preparing for my photo booth.  Whew....

Family friends who are near and dear to my heart met me at Waveland for an evening of memory making.  Some photographers feel Waveland is over done, old news, so last year...but I don't care how many times I shoot there, they images are still absolutely beautiful.  Even I don't get bored of Waveland!  


I want to photography every toddler, child and teenager at this gate.  How could you not want a picture of your little loved ones here?!  It NEVER gets old...

I'm starting to fall more in love with the hazzy sun in the background!

And the windows in the little log cabin NEVER go out of style...unless you're too big to squeeze through the door! 

Never too old for swings...

I've already called dibs on senior portraits for all three kids.  ;)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Christmas Tree Farm Mini Sessions

{Christmas Mini Sessions}
  Nieman Christmas Tree Farm (Lexington)

Sunday, November 24
*in the event of inclement weather, I will attempt to accommodate most families. 

Sunday, December 1
*weather make up December 8

 $50 session fee.
When you spend $15 on prints, purchase the entire disc of images $53

$50 deposit required to be paid by credit/debit/paypal or personal check no later than MONDAY, NOVEMBER 11th.  Payment for prints and disc required before submitting print order and mailing disc.  Images available online for viewing before payment is required.  More information available in contract.

Perfect for the Family Christmas Card or those winter birthdays!    Email me at amitchellphotography (at) yahoo (dot) com to sign up.

This year we will have Christmas trees as our backdrop and a few other shabby chic props as well! I just purchased the Merry Christmas banner for families to use as well as a small one for the kiddos that says JOY.
 I also made a splurge purchase at South Elkhorn's Fall Festival this past weekend.  Knowing I had booked the tree farm for the mini sessions, no way I could pass up on this decorative sled made with tobacco sticks!  I purchased the sled from a local crafter, but here is a picture that resembles it. 

Nat & Laura :: Maternity & Family Session

A photographer in their family, how lucky?!  My husband's brother and his family are getting ready to welcome their FOURTH blessing to their family.  Well, technically the baby has already arrived, I'm just behind on my blog posts.  ;)  

She put on her dress, looked up at her mom and said, 'PRETTY' the proceeded to twirl.  How presh! 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Farewell for now...

You probably read the post title and wondered if I was shutting down the business, moving, traveling, or maybe even something worse like going on an internet fast (ok, seriously, as much as I neglect to update my blog that wouldn't be hard to let go of)!  No, no worries, I'm not going anywhere.  But if you've poked around on my page you may have noticed I took down my wedding packages. 

For now I'm saying farewell to weddings.  Since I became pregnant with my 2nd child (which was spring '11) I've had this nagging, feeling, calling, yearning, tugging to put my family first.  This business is also a 'baby' I conceived, nurtured and grew...and I want it to continue growing...but at what expense?  Back in January I felt a very strong calling to be the woman God created me to be.  A helper for my husband and care taker for my children.  Trust me, this has not been easy decision, kinda like 'put in your place,' reality hit me up side the head kinda realization. 

Weddings require so much time from a photographer. Photographers work to meet the bride and groom weeks before their big day to plan almost every picture they are going to take.  I attend the rehearsals to know what's going to happen the following day.  Then I spend about three times the amount editing as I did shooting pictures of that day.  There are photographers who include albums in their packages...that would be even more time!  Don't get me wrong, weddings are a lot of time, but they are also a lot of money.  If I did one wedding a month I wouldn't have to shoot portrait sessions.

Portrait sessions.  I've realized that's where my heart lies.  I love families interacting and capture children at all phases of life.  With weddings, it would be time for me to take the next step and continue with education and to grow professionally just like everyone in other professions.  I just don't have the time for it. Or the desire.  My heart is with my husband and kids and making memories for your families (at least until they are married...haha!) 

But sometimes there can be that opportunity that's too good to pass up.  That said, I will be very selective with weddings.  I don't shoot with flash or lights, I'm a naturalist.  So I would only consider weddings that have outdoor pictures.  Along with that I would only consider churches or other places for the ceremony with the most natural light possible.  Natural light is my comfort zone. 

So if you're looking for an Amanda-approved wedding photographer, please check out my fellow friends!  Oh...and I'll be anyone's assistant...just sayin'!

Lisa Hammond Photography
Dwayne Lloyd Photography

Laura & Carlos :: Lexington Wedding

Laura & Carlos 101: That's what I got when I arrived at the church to start taking pictures.  Laura, a Kentucky native (we actually grew up at the same church, went to the same schools and our brothers are the same age) and Carlos, who came to Kentucky from the Dominican Republic on a baseball scholarship met in grad school were in town a few weeks before their wedding for us to hash out all the details.  They spent pretty much every second of that weekend meeting up with all the vendors and getting alterations made.  Whew!  So little time for the pleasantries, but Carlos and I had some time to catch up before picture taking commenced.

As I mentioned, they met in grad school.  Then as life has it, the next chapter in Carlos' life took him to Missouri.  Laura, not willing to let such a gentleman slip through her fingers, faithfully followed him to the mid-west.  And the rest is history...

Their big day was full of celebration and tradition (both Catholic and Spanish)!  Many of Carlos' family and closest friends made the international trip to celebrate their 'forever.'  And any multi-cultural gathering wouldn't be complete without charades and interpreters. 

Their big day was also full of emotion, as most weddings are.  I couldn't even keep a dry eye during their 'first look.'  Seriously, I don't know what it this what motherhood does to you?!  Maybe it was Carlos and his genuine love for his bride.  He actually asked myself and the other photographer what our best advice was on marriage.  How many grooms do you know ask that to two almost complete strangers?  Or maybe it was the spontaneous and passionate kisses he kept peppering his beautiful bride to be...which always caused a frenzy of Spanish phrases to be uttered from his fellow DR friends!  Whatever it was, it was quite obvious he was head over heels for his bride to be.  

The big day was not only full of tradition and emotion, but patience as well.  Due to the time of the nuptuals and Saturday evening mass, formals had to be taken at a separate location.  Lucky for us Waveland State Historic Site was just down the street and they didn't mind a bit that we took pictures there.  However, unlucky for us was the forecast.  Rain.  We consider ourselves VERY fortunate to have gotten the bride and grooms pictures done before the heavens opened up.  I had planned on Waveland since it also has large covered porches around the mansion...just incase rain thought it could scare us away!  What is more memorable than wedding pictures with rain umbrellas?!  

Enough of my are the images from Laura & Carlos' big day along with everyone who made this day special!

Church: Pax Christi Catholic Church
Wedding Coordinator: Cathy Scott
Flowers: Brook Grow with Fields in Bloom
DJ: Mike Graves with Music by Mike G
Photographer's assistant: Lisa Hammond 

The bridesmaid's dresses had POCKETS!

A Spanish tradition is the coin ceremony.  Coins are handed down in the family from generations. 

Spanish tradition of the groom walking the mother down the aisle. 

The priest is the bride's uncle.  Hands down BEST homily or sermon I've heard at a wedding.  His message needs to be heard from everyone considering marriage and be incorporated in premarital classes/counseling!