Tuesday, November 16, 2010

wee bit wednesday!

So I'm trying something new...something I pulled from another blog I follow.  And she pulled it from another blog Have to give credit where it is due.  :)  Perhaps my followers (yes, I know I have one...she's listed as a follower!!) can email me questions for my own wee-bit wednesdays!! 

PS  I know it isn't Wednesday...but almost...cut me some slack! 

do you collect anything? if so, what and how long have you been collecting?
hmm. my husband is quite the opposite of a pack-rat.  as of now, i only collect christmas tree ornaments from our vacation spots.

what is one cleaning tip that you swear by?
 vinegar, amonia, and a spray bottle.  that's all you need!  well, except for mixing vinegar and amonia...you wouldn't believe what you can clean with these diluted ingredients! 

 who would you call for bail money?
 i'd say laura, but we'd probably end up in jail together...so hubby it is!  i'd never live it down and it would also be incorporated into his jokes.

what is one thing you miss about being a kid?
 christmas.  not that we don't celebrate christmas; but it was definately something special magical!
name a few of your guilty pleasures.
chocolate, coupons, anything with pumpkin as an ingredient, aldi grocery store, cashing in credit card points for gift cards, bargain shopping

 how early do you start your holiday shopping?
 ha!  i holiday shop year 'round! 

what is a family tradition that you would like to pass on to your significant other/children?
a family vacation once a year.  and some others i'd like to start:
1.  pizza on fridays and steak-n-mashed taters on sundays (hubby's fam tradition)
2.  new pajamas on christmas eve

 what do you consider your greatest achievement?
starting my own business

what do you do to pamper yourself?
a hot bath and pedicure


if you were to start your own restaurant, what would it be called?
wow, this one caught me off guard!  how about 'd'lish' since everything served would delisious!!

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