Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lindsey & Ben: Frankfort Wedding

This wasn't just ANY wedding; but a friend's wedding.  Talk about extra pressure!!  Lindsey came to me last summer asking for info about my weddings.  Shortly after we met I found out I was pregnant and my due date was super close to her wedding day!  She hadn't made up her mind about a photographer yet, but I sadly told her if she had wanted me to photograph her wedding I wouldn't be able to.  Nine days after her wedding date I had my little boy; so I can't image trying to twist and contort my Buddha belly body to snag an awesome shot!  So how did I get her wedding pictures???  Well the wedding date was I was able to do it after all! 

Lindsey has such spunk and an excessive amount of energy that it is contagious!!  On her wedding day she was as cool, calm, collected, and down to Earth as I've ever seen her.  What a day and what a great time I had with the formals.  Since Lindsey was a friend, many of the bridesmaids were friends as well, which made for a more relaxed environment to snag some awesome shots.  Here are some of my favs...

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