Tuesday, November 16, 2010

C Family

So I found this blog entry that I never published!!  YIKES!!!  The C family; part of a larger family 'Creek Dawgs' as we used to call ourselves.  That's right, Tates Creek High School alumni!  We reunited on facebook and next thing you know they're signing up for one of my fall mini-sessions.  :)  And then that led to this family session.  As a Christmas gift to her grandmother she was looking to get pictures of the grandkids with her grandfather's truck.  Such a sweet idea! 

I'd never done a shoot (let's face it; there are lots of shoots I haven't done...I've been in business for two years) like this before.  It was so much!  We shot out at my grandmother's home; which sits on 10 acres in rural Lexington (yes, parts of Lexington are still rural).  I could've snapped away all evening; the lady cousins were especially photogenic.  :)

I also have to give her some credit...she is my one blog follower!!  Yay!!  Thanks so much!! :)

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  1. Oh fun! I didn't realize who this was until I got to the bottom...I love it!