Friday, November 12, 2010

Marlena & Brian: Versailles Wedding

Marlena's mother and my mother work together.  Talk about even more pressure (remember my last wedding was for a friend)!  Ahhhhh....all things went well for her wedding.  Back when I did Marlena and Brian's engagement session I learned REALLY quickly that Brian is a big jokster.  Serious or emotional photo ops...forget about it; unless side splitting belly laughs falls under emotional.  :)  You'll see what I mean as you scroll through and see a picture of the groom.  Typical Brian...AND I LOVE IT! 

They were married at South Elkhorn Baptist Church and partied hard at Castle Hill Winery.  The reception was charming; large billowing curtains gently swayed in the fall sunset breeze; overlooking the castle and vineyard with trees twinkling with lights.  Oh so romantic! Not only were Marlena and Brian just absolutely fun to be around; their entire bridal party had an awesome slap-stick sense of humor!  One trait that ALWAYS makes for AWESOME snapshots!  I'll quit blabbing so you can take a peek! 

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