Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fresh idea for indoor sessions...

So I was checking out my sis-n-laws blog to take a peek of her sons' 1 and 3 year old pictures.  ADORABLE!  You have to see for yourself, so here are a few of the images.  To see all of them, visit her blog.  So why am I posting her work on my blog...well, the backdrops are fabric she bought!  And to make it even sweeter...THEY WERE ON SALE!  I thought, "Hey, I could totally stock up on fabrics for backdrops."  And then I got to thinking...well maybe the fabrics I have aren't what the families would choose.  Where would I store MORE props?  Would I get my money's worth out of the fabric purchases?  So I've decided to opt out on stocking up on backdrops fabrics.  But, hey, they are adorable aren't they?! 

So keep the fabric backdrop an option when you think about booking a session!  That way your session will be unique...no one will have a backdrop like yours.  On top of that, you can coordinate backdrops and outfits!  Really, we're not talking that much money for a piece of cloth.  Laura said she only needed 3/4 yard. 

Get creative!  Hmmm...maybe I should have some sort of promotion for those who buy their own fabric backdrops....JUST A THOUGHT!!  What do you think???

Thanks Laura for letting me post some of your work!!

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