Friday, February 11, 2011

Just a thought...contest for free shoot

So with Mother's Day closer than we realize, I started thinking about what I'd like for Mother's Day.  For starters, a haircut (WAAAAY stylist can vouch for that!) a pedicure (the Pedegg can only do so much between visits)...and then I got to thinking...what if I could give that to one mom...and document it all with a free photo shoot?!  How much fun would it be?! 

So here are my ideas...possibly looking for a make-up artist (Avon, Mary Kay, etc) and manicurist, and maybe someone for jewelry (Premier, etc).  Maybe even a hairstylist.  I would organize some sort of contest for one (maybe more) lucky mom.  After her special treatment we would have a little photo shoot.  Who doesn't like to be vain every now and then? ! ;) 

It would be my way to give back to customers or potential customers AND for other small businesswomen to get their name out there.  I would provide images for the women who provided their services, for advertising purposes.  And of course the pampered mama wouldn't leave empty handed.  :)

Let me hear your ideas and thoughts!  Or let me know if you might be interested in donating your services!

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