Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Props for babies and kiddos!

So amongst the wedding, regular sessions, and mini sessions I'm editing, I'm finding some time to 'wind' down at night by crocheting.  Ahhh...it is like my 'nothing box.'  If you're not sure what a 'nothing box' is, check it out here...we first learned about it during our premarital classes. 

Ok, so back to crocheting...my fav project has been owl hats.  Here are three I've made.  What I love about these hats is the endless possibilities of color combinations and experimenting with different eye sizes, etc.  So I've made a few trips to my 'nothing box' in the past weeks.  :)  The pattern is from Little Abbee and I found her shop on Etsy.  I stocked up on 6 different crochet patterns (very reasonably priced and simple, precise instructions).  I can't wait to show you more!

I'll keep updating as I crank out new styles!  And I can make them to sell...I'm actually selling the pink and brown owl hat tomorrow.  :) 
Owl hats $20

Owl hats $20

Bear hat $10, Diaper Cover $10, Cap $15

Homespun hat & diaper cover set $25, Frog hat & diaper cover set $20

Boy or girl caps $15

Newborn Cocoons $15

Elfin hats $15

*prices may be affected by type of yarn requested and/or embellishments added.  Feel free to ask!

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