Thursday, March 10, 2011

Baby A ~ 3 months

Actually, Baby A and Baby B (no, not twins!) were done on the same day.  My Saturday morning started out rainy and dreary...and to top it off our car, which we just recently got back from body shop (remember hit-n-accident) had water standing on the floorboards!  Ohhhh you can see my morning didn't get off to an awesome start.  I had to leave extra early to drop my son off at his nana and papa's...mommy is off to work and daddy has had to work some on the weekends.  After I said my good-byes to my little boy and my parents, I hopped on the interstate and cruised south for about 30 minutes towards my first session - Baby A.  To see the sweet angelic face sweetly snoozing in his swing warmed my rained-soaked heart!  Such a happy baby full of smiles - despite the fact he was aroused just as he drifted off to sleep.  It seems as if the younger they are the more facial expressions they have!  I tried to capture them all!  Take a peek! After this session I took some back country roads all the way to Lincoln County for Baby B's session.  You could say I had some good solid me-time in the car on this rainy Saturday. 

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