Monday, February 25, 2013

likeable business::story telling (part3)

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'likeable business,' by Dave Kerpen

We all love a good story, right?  Some people, like myself, might include too many details and reeealy draw out a story...yeah, I got it from my mom.  ;)  My husband gives me a gentle reminder to hit the main points and not get carried with the! 

But really, don't you love a good story?  Emotions, feelings, understanding, empathizing, happy endings, tearful endings...they are all worth the while!  Stories help us bond.  They connect us...bringing two complete strangers together...or a customer and a business together.  It is a type of communication. 

Storytelling...heck, composition for the matter, has never been a strong point for me.  I DESPISE persuasive writing.  Beyond fact sharing, I really don't feel comfortable telling why someone should do this or that or feel a certain way about something.  I've always been a very black/white person.  It is either 'x' or 'y' and I can show you how to get there.  Hence math and science being my strong point.  So the thought of starting a blog practically scared me outta my pants...but pretty much all photographers have one, so I felt I should!  Literarily (not literally...and I'm pretty sure I just made that word up since spell check caught it) speaking, there hasn't been a lot of 'meat' on my bones of composition or 'fluff' which I refer to it as, but I do believe teaching writing when I taught elementary school has helped me grow as a writer.  Seriously, I re-learned what it meant to be a good writer.  Silly sounding, I know, but the writing program was awesome at the school I used to teach at...or at least it struck a cord with me! 

As I branch out of my comfort zone, I try to do a bit of story telling when I post pictures from a recent session.  Weddings seem to get the best stories, just because I've been with the bride and groom allll day.  Sometimes in conversation during a shoot I can pick up a good story or two.  Stories can come from the actual customers or from something that happened during the shoot...good or bad.  Sometimes you don't need a story when you see the toddler flailing around on the ground...haha...that was just our God-son, I would NEVER post pictures of other customers' children!  ;)  Or there might be a story from a session where something went horribly wrong and it was a lesson learned for me!  By the way, you click on links, they'll take you to those posts on my blog.  :)

So in a not-so-sneaky way, I guess I'm saying I hope my story telling draws in the customers!  ;)  Sssshhhh this book is for business owners, not the consumers!  ;) 

So as I continue on with my business, I will attempt to story tell as much as possible.  Also, please know I have the best intentions to blog about every customer, but with two kids at home (and one of them starting to drop is afternoon nap) and keeping up with housework, I do have to prioritize my time and not every customer has a blog post about them. 

I do appreciate you coming back and stopping by to hear about bit about storytelling!

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