Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The O Twins::5 years old

Mrs. O is the type of client I truly enjoy working with.  She understands that kids are...well, KIDS!  They are best photographed in an environment in which they can be themselves AND have room to wiggle around.  :)  With sessions like these, we break away from the traditional 'freeze and pose' images.  Her kids move.  Laugh.  Hug.  Even kiss!  My camera is continually clicking away...you never know what you're going to miss with Miss K and Mr. B!! 

Mrs. O also rolls with the punches.  The weather card we were dealt on this particular sunny day wasn't quite what we expected.  Forecast showed temps in upper 40's...for this time of year that's a big YAY!  At lunch time it was questionable if the temps were barely above freezing.  Then the sun popped out and it did us a favor!  Then the winds kicked up!  Seriously, we felt like we couldn't get a break!  It felt like one step forward and steps back!  We decided to press on and improvise with what we had...blankets.  Take a peek, I'm pretty sure any parent would regret rescheduling this session...

 Who cares if you can't see their adorable outfits?!  This birthday session is wrapped in memories!

Just lettin' kids be kids!

A quick pic of baby sis...she sure isn't happy with cold wind!  Trooper!


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