Tuesday, October 11, 2011

September Mini Sessions

Can you believe my last post was in September...and I only had ONE post in September.  Yes, life has taken over...I've been working hard to roll out images for all the families, but have neglected my bloggers!

Alright...time to catch up!

First stop: UK Arboretum

Here's our God-son for his 2 year old pictures.  This session reaffirmed my decision for taking maternity leave early!  I just couldn't keep up with his pace!

Showing his true colors!
This next family was my second official customer EVER!  They have been faithful to me every year with getting their pictures done.  Thanks E Family!  Not to mention all the business they have brought me from referrals...especially from ACE Elementary.  :)

Lucas, age 10, first solved the Rubik’s Cube at age 8. While studying cube videos online one day he discovered a link to the World Cube Association (WCA). It was here that he learned about speedcubing competitions and soon began competing to solve the standard Rubik’s Cube (along with various other cubes they manufacture) regionally and nationally. His mother reports that he spends many of his waking moments studying, memorizing and creating his own cube algorithms to decrease his solve times. His first solve of the cube in 2009 took over 4 minutes. He can now solve the cube in just 13.84 seconds!

Next Stop: Mini Sessions from Keeneland

More twins!  And GIRLS!  Lots of flower picking and sisterly love.  :)

The K Family (you will see them again in October) had several things in mind for their September session (just in case I didn't make a November mini session they came prepared for Christmas pictures).

They wanted a jersey shot to remember their fall weekends...football and lounging! 

The B family...celebrating 2 birthdays (one in November in case I don't have that mini session) and their anniversary! 

The K Family - my best friend from high school! 

What a stud!

It had been since their wedding that they had pictures of just the two of them taken.  Parents, don't forget about yourselves! 

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