Saturday, February 23, 2013

Baby M::6 months

She wanted pictures of him sitting up, his chubby little cheeks and playing with his feet.  Just like her other two kiddos, she wanted to document these favorite things.

Baby M was such a happy baby - this time around (we re-did his 3 month pics because he wasn't so sure of what was goin' on  ;) )  Giggling, drooling, grabbing his feet and kicking every which way!  We had to 'stage' a few of the feet pictures because his little legs were all over the place!  All in all, we snagged lots of facial expressions, those chubby cheeks, hands and feet! 

A quick little story before I let you see all this adorable cuteness...Baby M and my lil girl (heck, our whole family) have a bit in common.  You remember last spring and summer my posts about all the mooooving we were doing?  Ya know, even the move into my parents house for nearly 2 months???  Well Baby M's parents sold their previous home super quick like we did!  Baby M was still in the cozy womb during their move...but his parents and big sibs called Mama's in-laws' basement 'home' for awhile.  Baby M made his arrival while basement was 'home.' 

Not to be doggin' on the generosity of the in-laws (remember, I lived with my parents), but there is something unsettling not knowing where your next home is...let alone WHEN it will come on the market...or just unsettling not being in your own home.  I remember the internal stress of trying to keep everything 'neater' and 'tidier' than I did when living in my our own home.  There's something about being a guest in someone else's home that makes you want to be not as obviously there are as you are...make sense???  You wash the dinner dishes immediately after bellies are full.  Laundry is moved from the wash to dryer and then folded ASAP so nobody else has to fold your 'unmentionables.'  The toys are picked up at nap time, before the grandparents get home from work, and at bedtime....when they used to be strewn about and put in their proper place every other day in your own home.  But anyway...just proof that TWO families can survive while living with in laws and infants.  :)  And some little reassurance that it was OK for me to feel slightly crazy.  :)

 Ok, now for all the cuteness...and btw...interested in memories of your lil ones?  Check out my Baby's 1st Year Package!  Great idea for an expectant mom!

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