Monday, February 18, 2013

likeable business (part 1)

So I'm undertaking some 'professional development,' if you will.  Back in my teaching days every year an educator was (and still is today) responsible for making a PGP (aka: professional growth plan) and attend so many hours of professional development.  The PGP was essentially goals you set yourself in the classroom.  The professional development seminars/activities/classes you attended where the means to acquire knowledge, skills, and tools to achieve the goals set forth in your PGP. 

So how does all this PGP and professional development translate to my photography business?  Well, if I want to better my business then I need to equip myself with the necessary tools.  Now, as much as I would love to jet set across the county and attend a photography workshop/seminar, that just isn't practical in my phase of life and business to this day. day!  ;) 

The book I picked up from the local library is 'likeable business,' by Dave Kerpen.  I actually came across it by accident...chasing my 1 year old from the children's are to the circulation desk at our local library.  It was sitting on one of the 'new arrival' display racks...just waiting for me.  I was at the right place and the right time, I guess.  I've only managed to read through the introduction and 18 pages...but those beginning pages were so inspirational!  I've decided to include you through my journey of reading, learning, brainstorming and applying these skills and tools to my business today.  I'd also like your feedback through out these series of posts!  :)

In the coming weeks I'll make a blog post for each chapter:

5-Team Playing
9-Surprise and Delight

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