Monday, August 27, 2012

Professional Development

How appropriate is the title considering my former teaching colleagues have just logged in numerous hours of professional development before the kickoff of the 2012-2013 school year?!

Just as with any career, job, hobby, or task - you want to set goals and better yourself.  I've been doing that slowly...usually kicking or screaming when it happens.  It usually occurs when a customer requests something that is slightly out of my comfort zone.  Like photographing during the MIDDLE of the day.  If I've had the pleasure to photograph you before, you know I prefer the natural light which is best right about 2 hours prior to sundown.  With this style it does limit the amount of sessions I can schedule...unlike a studio photographer who can book several sessions within one day because their light source isn't variable (along with the weather). 

Well, my husband's brother and his fam were coming over to check out our new digs along with the chickens and ducks we so lovingly feed on a daily basis.  My sister in law asked if I could grab a fam pic and do a little session with their 10 month old daughter.  Sure!  Oh will be like high noon...yikes. 

Shooting when the sun is highest in the sky isn't ideal for portraits.  With the sun high, it casts shadows down upon the face.  Think two black eyes.  Sleep deprived.  Not ideal for portraits. have the right equipment.  Flash, reflector, etc.  Then you can accomplish beautiful portraits!  Well, I forced myself to use my flash during the day.  Never done that before.  And let's just say good thing my niece is a happy girl...because she kept smiling as I kept making adjustments to flash angle, shutter speed and aperture.  If I was on my A-game I would've kept some of the non-flash pictures for comparisons. 

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