Monday, August 27, 2012

The A Family

Patience is a virtue.  Mrs. A has much of regards to me! Back in the fall she contacted me to schedule a session.  Under any other circumstances I gladly would've squeezed her into my too-busy-over-booked schedule because I just can't say, 'No.'  My expanding belly of 8 months which was home to my daughter at the time, reminded me I've pushed myself too far this season and really needed to put myself and family first.  I had to decline the session but still had hopes she (and other customers) would return once I decided to get behind the camera again. 

And she did.  Almost 8 months later!  I do believe she was the first person to sign up for the August and September mini sessions I posted.  Her son had aged 8 months (for those who don't have kids... 8 months is a HUGE difference for infants and toddlers).  Bummer.  But what made up for the fact was her mother in law was visiting.  From Spain.  Hola!  How much better could this session get with incorporating a grandmother?!  Take a peek to see how we managed it.  And a quick side note...I do believe I could spend hours with this family - just asking about their life experiences.  Mom is from Argentina.  Dad is from Spain.  They met in the USA.  Have moved back and forth between USA and Spain.  Which just emphasises how special the occasion to snag a few pics with Abuela.

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