Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Willow Oak Park

I wrapped up this summer with mini sessions at Willow Oak Park.  Summer?  Wrapped up?  Geeze, I know it isn't technically over....but it seems like with today being the 1st day of school that fall is just around the corner.  Not to mention the last few days we have had temps in the 70s!  And we just booked a family session for our fam in October, which already has me imagining hues of browns, golds and denim for our wardrobe. 

And I digress...back to Willow Oak Park.  I love this park because it is different than your average neighborhood park around town.  A faithful client of mine wanted to do her family portraits a few years back.  Since I've done the shoot I've since forgotten about the place.  Until...another customer wanted a bridge for the background of her youngest daughters 1 year old pictures.  Enter memory....yes hard to believe but I feel like I lack memory lately!  After having two kids, many sleepless nights, and moving twice within 3 months, somehow I remembered about Willow Oak Park!

Somehow I managed to pick the nights just right...muggy, soupy humidity and no breeze.  Ha!  At least all the kids were able feed the ducks either before or after their sessions, so it was all worth it!

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