Thursday, August 9, 2012

Inspiration: Bubbles!

There are so many normal-everyday items that we can take for granted which will make for awesome pictures.  Especially with children.  I do believe I'll start a series of inspiration themed blog posts. 

My first inspiration themed photography prop would be bubbles.  We had one of those multiple Walmart runs the weekend we moved into our rental house.  Lightbulbs, box fan, bubble blower.  Bubble blower?  I don't remember adding THAT to the shopping list.  But that's what came home.  What I initially thought would be a waste of money and piece of cheap plastic turned out to be one of the best purchases my husband has made in our 4 years of marriage.  Because we now have these adorable pictures of our two year old son.

I should add a disclaimer that as a photographer, don't be mistaken that my children run around in their best clothes always ready for a photo op.  HA!  No, my son had a designated 'play clothes' drawer in which I don't care what happens to those clothes.  Seriously, this is what I put on him everyday....and for some future posts you'll completely understand. 

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