Monday, December 6, 2010

Baby A: newborn

I first met Baby's A big brother during my Fall Frenzy mini sessions.  Baby A hadn't made his appearance yet, but soon enough I got to meet him.  And was big brother a PROUD big brother when I came to capture the new bundle of joy. 

For this shoot I made (yes, that's right, I MADE) a few props.  I was inspired by an artist I found on etsy, Mad About Colour.  You'll see Baby A wrapped in a newborn nest.  I elaborated a bit and added the toggle buttons.  Baby A was my experiment and well...I think my nests to be a bit larger.  :)  You'll also see Baby A sporting one of the elfin hats.  More to come about my creations at a later date...I'm still adding to my prop collection.  Who would've thought my hobby of crocheting could be incorporated into my photography biz! 

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  1. I like the pretty poinsetta christmas card! It is awesome!!