Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The C Family

"2 for 1" could be another title for this post...I've been so busy with the business and raising kids (I won't even pretend that I'm 'keeping' house) I've neglected the blog so long I've done TWO sessions for ONE customer... Birthday AND Christmas...make sure to scroll all the way to down to see all their images.

The C's family's baby girl turned one at the end of summer - and boy did she enjoy it!!  I believe her cake smash pictures speak for themselves.  I've seen lots of tots dive into their cake, smear it all over their faces, somehow manage to cram frosting into every orrfice in their head and use it as hair styling product, but I've NEVER seen a child devour a cupcake like Miss K!  It went something like this...

1.  cupcake up to lips.
2.  devour cupcake by sucking it from inside out.

Ehhh...maybe that wasn't the best description....I'm a photographer, not a writer.  The cupcake did not leave this child's face like a conventional cake-devourer.  We just kept hearing her 'suck.'  Slurrrp up a bit more cake....like a push pop....but cake...make sense?!  Anyway, I guess you just had to be there!  And PS - I did not do any color adjusting with Miss K's hair bow and frosting color...Mama C was just THAT good (or lucky) with getting them to match!

Next up....Christmas!  I was trying out a new location for mini sessions.  I think South Elkhorn Christian Church on Harrodsburg Road is absolutely charming...especially the historical sanctuary with its painted white brick and captivating red arched doors.  Well, what wasn't so captivating is the fact those red doors receive sun.  All. Day.  Even sunset was a headache (literally from squinting).  Boo for photographers unless it is an overcast day.  BUT I didn't know there was a little garden which was perfect for Christmas pictures!  There was a flowering shrub whose flowers had withered to a dark cranberry red - perfect for a winter backdrop!  Take a peek!

Quite a miracle...first shot of the session, everyone looking with eyes open. 

Gaw...dontcha love the candy striped leg warmers!!  I do so much I got my daughter a pair!

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