Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A 'Lil Urban

I stole (borrowed perhaps is a better word) this urban idea from Michele Carlisle of Carlisle Photography.  PS She does fabulous work (mostly studio...some seasonal on-location) and we used her for Isaac's 1st year of photographs.  Hey, mimickery is the best form of flattery, right?  So props to Michele!  And I found out our best ideas to come to us when we are in the shower or brushing our teeth.  :)

Anyway, the vicinity of Broadway/Short/Saunier/Second street is LOADED with photo opps!  This was a little forgotten location where my husband and I started off our engagement photo session...with Shaun Ring (check him out too...he's doing awesome work, even dabbling in commericial and editorial photography...GO SHAUN!)  If you can afford him, GO. FOR. IT. 

Anyway, back to my initial reason for this post (hey, the shout-outs were an after thought)...downtown!!  Shooting downtown is different than most locations.  For starters, you're pretty limited with your distance between you and your subjects thanks to allys and streets (I would NOT stand in the middle of Broadway with my 50mm...let's widen then angle a bit so I can stand ON the sidewalk...away from the curb).  Sun is also an issue.  You lose the sun faster behind the buildings.  I also figured out that my fav warehouse door isn't fair game for about 30 minutes.  There is that small window of time in which the sun peek-a-boos between two buildings and beams ya in the eye.  After the sun shy's behind another building, its GAME. ON. 

Enough jabbering...here they are...

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