Saturday, December 1, 2012

Austin & Jennifer: Engagement

Austin was one of the neighborhood kids that when growing up you would see him running around outside showing off his awesome ninja skills.  With his older brother.  Any my brother.  So I know.  The youngest of three kids (I did his sister's engagement session awhile back...check here) he was the 'kid brother.' 

'Kid brother' has turned into grown man and a growing heart for his bride-to-be, Jennifer.  Austin and Jennifer met back in Lexington, but reside in Pennsylvania.  He left for graduate school at Penn State.  And Jennifer followed.  Wow, I cannot imagine uprooting and making a blind move to another city.  Talk about taking a step a faith!  Jennifer settled right in and found a job as a social worker.

With 'home' being in Penn, we were locked into a few weekends to attempt their session.  We are at the mercy of the weather, so when you plan a session months out, you really hope the weather cooperates...especially when your subjects are traveling from afar! 

The weather held (thank goodness!) but my equipment didn't (ohmygoodness...check here for my camera snafu).  We were able to keep rolling with the pictures thanks to my mother who lived a few minutes down the road and has a similar model camera to mine.  Whew....

So the rest of the session went on without a hitch!  It was so eeeeeeeeeasy to photograph Austin and Jennifer.  I didn't have to encourage any loving brushes of the hand, a sideways glance or a peck on the cheek.  To say the least, they are naturals (and I recall Austin's sisters was the same way...runs in the family?!)

Our first location was Waveland.
When you can start off a session with a shot like this, you know its gonna be gooood!

A little impromptu visit from other park-goers!  You never know who will make an appearance!

Second location:  A little church down Pisgah Pike (Versailles).

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