Friday, August 12, 2011

Baby B: Newborn Session

Baby B's newborn session was one I couldn't wait for!  I anticipated her session for two reasons (1) she is the youngest baby I've photographed and (2) I rented a macro lens. 

Baby B was actually less than 2 weeks old!  And for a fairly new-newborn, she was alert!  She was awake during the entire session!  We tried to coax her to sleep with bottles and pacifiers...ah but with little success!  We were able to squeeze off a few shots of her eyes looking down, so they are tiny slits, but that was the best we could get to a closed-eye, sleepy baby. 

As for the macro lens, I found I really liked it for the close up, detail shots such as the fingers and toes.  But do I want to invest 4-figures into it??  Ummm...not yet.  So for the next newborn session I'll opt to rent it again.  I thought it would be something I would absolutely fall in love with the second I used it...but as of now I'm not seeing the worth in it.  Other photographers have opinions?!  I'd love to hear!  Enjoy!

PS based on the props, can you guess Baby B's middle name?!  ;)

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