Monday, August 29, 2011

Aug 21 Mini Session: Liberty Hall ~ Frankfort

We definitely tossed the dice and gambled with the weather for this mini session...our drive from Lexington to Frankfort became darker and darker due to ominous clouds.  Luckily the rain held...a few sprinkles right before our session made our hearts jump and run for cover (c'mon...all you ladies who take the time to straighten your hair understand our frizz issues ;) )

My first session was with Baby J...well I guess Little Boy J...he is almost 1.5 years they really aren't babies anymore, right?!  Little Boy J's mom and I used to work together at school and our boys were born just a few weeks apart.  It was neat to go through our pregnancies together - waiting for the updates after our appointments, especially that 20 week one when you find out if your little kick-boxer has indoor or outdoor plumbing.  ;)

The second session was for my sister-in-law and her family.  Does her husband look familiar?!  He might...he's my husband's twin.  We have the same OB and even he got a little confused at first when their family first moved here...he thought MY husband had gotten two different women pregnant.  But he was quickly relieved to find out they were brothers.  Anyway, here are a few pictures from their family/maternity session.  Can't wait to meet their little bundle of joy (pink or blue...we won't find out until his/her birthday...I don't know where they muster the will to resist!!).

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