Monday, May 16, 2011

The Big ONE!


Birthday parties are supposed to be fun filled and exciting.  Don't get me wrong, this Go, Dog, Go! theme party for R's first birthday was first rate...but there was a twinge of sadness.  The sadness?  Not seeing Baby R's precious face every 3 months anymore.  :(  I've enjoyed watching him grow up - especially since he's so close in age to my lil guy.  Hats off to this family - they always keep me in mind when a photographer is needed. 

Mama K did an awesome job with the decor and cakes!  The birthday cake and Poppies were hand made.  Check out the link - Mama K makes Poppies (when she's not being a teacher, wife and mama).  ;)  I was also reunited with an old college acquaintance - it was good to briefly chat about married life and their sweet baby girl to be!  :)  And kids running around, banging on toys, and helping Baby R open presents kept the place buzzing!

Happy Birthday Baby R!!

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