Friday, January 21, 2011

A few of my favorite things...part II

So it is taking me two days to actually tell you about my holidays.  :)  Here is how my mom served Christmas dinner....her table looked like something out of Better Homes and Gardens.  :)  Oh how I wish I could that...but my son seems to think anything on the table is allowed to be in his hands.  Candles...too mats look good will be tugged on...table cloth DON'T EVEN GO THERE! 

Gift opening time!  So my son's head became the catch-all for bows.  :)  He didn't know what to do when we stuck the sticky part of the bow on his palm.  :) 

At the beach...getting some good play time pictures.  My cousin is reading Isaac his new favorite book.  "That's Not My Monkey"  He LOVES touching the monkey's fuzzy tongue, eyebrows and tummy!

How can you resist baby feet?!  Little man is pulling up EVERYWHERE...he even stood up on his own!  I mean went from sitting to standing without pulling up on anything for support.  He's growing so fast!

This was by far one of my FAVORITE Christmas presents...well, one of Isaac's Christmas present.  Leg warmers!!   Not just any leg warmers, but designed to MATCH his diapers!  For the newer followers, I cloth diaper our baby's tush.  Baby Legs made leg warmers to match the bumGenius and Flip diapering system.  The leg warmers make diaper changes SO easy.  Just imagine his legs staying warm WITHOUT the hassle of taking and putting on pants of a squirming crawler.  :) The links will take you to Kelly's fav place to shop for my cloth diaper stash.  By the way, this week giveaway from Kelly's Closet is 2 Flip covers and a pack of disposable inserts.  You better believe I'm hopping on this one!

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