Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Welcome Baby A!

You know that friend that moved away and you haven't talked to in a while, but you can still call or text and you pick up right where you left of?  That's what Baby A's mom is to me.  Her with three kids at home and me with my two, we commiserate, complain, swap parenting tactics, stories and uplift each other during the hard times.  You know the 'hard' times.  When the preschooler doesn't want to nap anymore and has 'painted' the walls with his diaper contents while the toddler has a cold that makes his little nose resemble Niagra Falls and the baby just wants to nurse every 20 minutes  And maybe, just MAYBE take a shower.  Oh also forgot to brush your teeth this morning.  Yeahhhhh....'those' times....

Here's to baby A!  We will come see you and your brothers in the spring time for a play date!

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