Tuesday, August 13, 2013

June Mini :: Talon Winery

Such a beautiful evening to romp amongst the rows of knotted grape vines as the setting suns filters through the leaves.  I've been searching for a new photog location....getting a lil restless with my go-to locations and wanting something fresh, so I contacted a few vineyards around town.  Talon Winery is very welcoming and accommodating for photographers.  So I booked a few sessions (and booked up, so I schedule more for the following month) and made memories for a few special families.

First up...the W family!  I photographed the 2nd addition to the family a few years back as well as Mrs. W's side of the family.  This summer they had a new lil lady to introduce to me as well as Mr. W's side of the family.  I gotta hand it to Mrs. W to keeping up on the family portraits!  And to organize such a large family takes coordination!  What made the evening even sweeter with this family is they actually hung around for a picnic dinner and visited the tasting room at Talon!  It was a win-win for Talon, me and the W family!  Here's a sneak peak of the W fam...

Up next is the O family.  You might recoginize the two older kiddos from earlier in the year....they've given me inspiration for a winter blanket themed photo session!  This evening they frolicked in their bare feet and explored the pea-sized grapes that hung from the vines...and stopped for a few smiles!  The older daughter had something to celebrate...the loss of her first tooth!  Perfect timing for the photos...check out the last image from this set to see her showing it off! 

Lil man P gave me a run for my money...I had to run to keep up with him!  It comes as no surprise to me since I have two pint sized pals of my own...they keep me 'in shape' for shoots such as these!  ;)  P just wanted to tear down the middle of each row, give a lil smirk, then duck through thin vines to the next row to continue his little game.  Though he was in constant motion, I was able to keep up and snap a few memories for his mama. 

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