Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Julie & Greg :: Fasig Tipton Wedding

If the rain put a damper on anyone's mood this particular day, surely the groom or one of his partners in crime would most certainly lighten the mood.  The first image is just the tip of the iceberg with the antics I witnessed and documented.

Plans didn't go as well...planned.  Julie and Greg were supposed to have a gorgeous outdoor wedding aside the stream at Fasig Tipton complete with horse drawn carriage to deliver the bride to her groom.  Well, we had the horse drawn carriage, but not the beautiful wedding by the stream.  By the time it was photo time, the bluegrass area had received well over several inches of rain and the residents were scrambling to build arks....ok, just kidding about the boats....and that gently bubbling stream was now a miniature version of the white rapids...cutting through the picturesque landscape of  horse land. 

We got creative with the overhangs, covered walkways and of course, umbrellas.  During the times it was actually raining during photo-time, bridal party members were safely under the coverings and my assistant and I were tucked underneath the umbrella...firing away and keeping fingers crossed that not too many rain drops made their way into the memorable images.  

When it was all said and done, I'd say we nearly pulled off the impossible...outdoor photos in the rain!  However, for the ceremony, we made use of the sales pavilion and Fasig Tipton had their first ever indoor wedding.  It will be a story to tell to their grandchildren.  :) 

Photographer: Amanda Mitchell Photography
Assitant: Jaye Baesler
Brides dress: Ruth's Bridal
Bride Hair: Andrea Wray
Bridesmaides dresses and tuxedos: Genos
Flowers: Bonnie @ Stems
Harpist: Sally Kelton
DJ:  Mike and Stephanie Hurt
Catering:  DeRae & Friends
Wedding Coordinator: Sarah Leer

First look.

Daddy's girls!

Not a common event in which I actually get to see the bride and groom sign off on their own marriage license!

Julie and Greg sure do have a sense of humor.  After a guest placed on the programs in the statue's arm, Julie felt her bouquet belonged right along side it. 

Cake cutting....someone got jipped!

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