Tuesday, June 4, 2013

This Cupcake Just Turned 1!

 Little Miss O turned one in April!  You may have seen her sneak peak floating around facebook awhile ago (below).  The E, I mean L family (I get hung up on maiden names sometimes!) had many referrals to go by!  She was roommates with a girl who was in my Life Group (post college/pre marriage days) and has 'friended' some of her former roommate's friends on Facebook...one of which happens to be my Maid of Honor.  So she's seen my work pop up several times in newsfeeds.  What a small world!

Grandma came along as a helping hand, can you tell what she was doing to get Miss O's attention....tongue wagging!  Can you say Monkey-see-monkey-do?!  Precious!
 I'll take a moment for a technical side note...I upgraded my camera at the end of last year (squeaked in that end of year business purchase..woot woot!).  I needed a 2nd camera for those 'just in case' moments...like when a shutter blade breaks in the middle of an engagement session...not.fun.  So I opted to upgrade a few models.  I figured the few extra mega pixels and bells and whistles wouldn't make that much of a difference in my images.  Holy. Cow.  Where I've noticed the biggest difference is taking pictures of the tots' eyes!  I've never had such clarity and crispness in my images before.  Well done on the upgrade I must say! 

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this cupcake's session!  I'll have some running commentary below ;)
 'Cuz who doesn't like pictures of their little princess picking flowers....

 I probably could've put ALL the pictures from this series at the gate up...but it may have been over kill...but they were pretty adorable with Miss O toddling along.  At one point she almost lost her balance but had a quick recovery!  Ever snapped a pic of a toddler over correcting when they are about to tumble?  Pretty cute!!!

 More tongue waggin'!
 When we brought out the blanket she plopped right down and started flipping through pages! 
The End

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