Friday, June 7, 2013

Spring in the Arboretum

May Mini Sessions were at UK Arboretum!  There was LOTS of exploring with the curious tots I had lined up for the evening.  Scroll down below to get the play-by-play!  Enjoy!

This little angel is our God Daughter.  She holds a unique spot in our hearts -her birthday is our wedding anniversary!  No excuse to forget, eh? 
The rocking chair image was the first shot taken of the evening.!  Trust me, it hardly happens this way and it is not indicative of my photog skills...just that the stars, planets and Lord were on my side! 
Have ball, will smile!  Lots if frames taken just for this one image!  Had to wait for the perfect shot of a smile and without the ball in the picture.  The things we do! 

Here's little Miss E!  Well, she was little the first time I took her pictures, but she just celebrated her THIRD birthday in the spring!  Shy at heart, she took a little while to warm up.  What I like about places such as the Arboretum is that is allows the tots to explore and kinda warm up to me.  Nothing may be sweeter than a little girl exploring the flowers and following trails! 

Love the dimples!!
To keep the tots involved we sometimes play silly games and just keep the camera rolling!  Here we are hopping like a bunny!  Hop, hop, CHEESE! 

This commentary is more of a technical one...I love the low aperature with the tiny spriggs and blooms of this plant.  It just frames little Miss E as she gets a close up of the flowers. 

Up next: the G kiddos!  With the two kids being less than 2 years apart in age, I was one lady on the move to capture any picture I could of these two together!  We started with Big Sis for an easy start.  ;) much more angelic can we get?! 
Keeping up with the exploring theme...a caterpillar found the rocker nice and cozy...with some probing fingers as well! 
Blazing trails for some cute action shots!

These last two images I think define childhood:  INNOCENCE. 

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