Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The E Family :: New Beginnings

He may not have his mom's nose or dad's smile, but he is theirs. 


This May marked a huge day for this couple.  They officially became their lil man's parents.  

When I meet families, you can definitely tell the role each parent plays in the family.  When fathers act just as goofy as mom to get their kiddos smile, wait patiently for a tantrum to subside and come up with fun poses it melts my hearts.  When moms have poise and a gentle demeanor to show their tot that they 'mean business', you know they love their child fully.  There are no better hands for this lil man to be in except for this mom and dad. 

May you have many more joyful moments with the loves of your life!

As you scroll through, we had many fun 'pinspirational' poses!  I encourage families to bring ideas to make their sessions fun and unique!  But I always gently remind them that the ideas they found on pinterest or their sis-n-laws family photos were not taken by yours truly.  Photography is an art.  Just like any famous painter (take Starry Night by Van Gogh for instance), an original can be imitated, but never duplicated. The same for photography.  Imitation is the best form of flattery.  So we flattered some photographers during our session!  ;) 

Imitated, but never duplicated.  But I think we NAILED IT!

Imitation is the best form of we did railroad tracks instead of a construction site.  We ALL love it! 

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  1. These pictures are amazing!! Love them so much!